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 Aqonixa the Shadow

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PostSubject: Aqonixa the Shadow   Mon Jun 01, 2009 6:21 am

    Name.·• Aqonixa
    Nicknames.·• The Shadow
    Age.·• 600 years old
    Gender.·• Female
    Status.·• Deceased

    height ;;; 6'1 [Elven]
    weight ;;; 120 pounds [Elven]
    build ;;; Slender, agile
    hair ;;; Aqua blue
    eyes ;;; White
    body art ;;; Tattoos on her body, in shapes of tribalisic style.
    specific features ;;; Her face markings, as they resemble shadows
    clothing style ;;; Plate, and lots of it.
    picture(s) ;;; [ Coming soon ]

    overall physical description +--

    Rather large, and covered in plate. Her body is taller then most humans. Her blade is that of a warblade. Hooked slightly, with a blue glow inside. She would also have a dark presense about her, being a black drake. Her armor is pure black, several slash marks apon it.

    likes``~ Darkness, caves, and the earth
    dislikes``~ Traitors, and liars
    strengths``~ Strong with earthen magics, and fire.
    weaknesses``~ Her offspring [ Afraid of them being killed]
    habits/quirks``~ Loves to play around with her earthen magics.
    fears``~ Death of her children, or herself
    dreams``~ Destroying those who betray her.
    goals``~ ^
    secrets``~ None.

    overall personality description +--

    Cold as iron, mean like a pit bull. Aqon was one of the noted members of the black flight. Her mind was constantly bent between her mate's dangerous, and idiot plans. She was always quick to defend her flight, as her mate as she did love him. She didn't care about anything when her demise came. She hated the world, and everything in it.

    (¯`mother·._ Unknown
    (¯`father·._ Belintar
    (¯`close siblings·._ N/A
    (¯`others·._ Offspring of the Black flight.

    history +--

    Born to an unknown female drake, and raised by the mate of the female, Belintar, Aqonixa grew up rather mean, and brutish. Her father clearly stated she need to be strong or she wouldn't survive. She spent several of her days as a whelp, trailing him, learning from him, before he litterally punted her out of his life.

    As she matured into a drake, she became one of the members of the Dragonic council led by Ecrosetis, Aqonixa always had a hand in things. She watched and waited as her mate planned foolish things, which eventually ended him. She agonized over his death, before she fled into hiding as she felt the council would hunt her down for Thaneiris's own deeds that he did. She recently reappeared with a large batch of eggs. She protected them within a lair, not know to anyone, accept Thaneiris and herself.

    As the eggs began to hatch, Aqon felt as if something was not right with Thaneiris's and her relationship. She fled one day, after the eggs had be turned into a smear in life. Aqonixa flew from the cavern.

    She left no trace of herself, she flew towards Icecrown, hoping to find the lair she was born in. She didn't find it, but rather a frost wyrm. Aqonixa battled this drake, but failed to uphold her life. She crashed into the snow filled valley. With her last breath she roared out in anger.

    ".. I will....Get..my revenge...."

[Might add a bit more detail later]
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Aqonixa the Shadow
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