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 (Only sub-forum that is related to RP story.) Melty Blood

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PostSubject: (Only sub-forum that is related to RP story.) Melty Blood   Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:24 pm

Several blood splatters hit the ground in rosey patterns, sliding down the walls in a sickening fashion. A single man stares down at a elf kneeling apon the ground, a magnificent intricatly, and visciously carved claymore is held at the elfe's neck. It rests there as if it was a sheathe, just sitting there quietly..whispering..whispering death in the elfe's ears. Suddenly the sword is jerked up, twisted around and brought back down apon the elfe's neck as the head is completley severed off the base of his neck. Blood gushes down the side, dripping, where the elfe kneeled it seemed to rain blood apon the corpse. The corpse was dampend and covered in blood, stains, patterns, and runes along it's sternum and spine.
"I told you, you shall not besmirtch me again..." The Man stood there, standing with a chuckle followed that sentance.
"You weren't going to make it, what was the point in trying." A arrow was planted in the man's chest, but he rips it out without any problems. He turns slowly, bloodied sword in hand he takes a step towards the exit of the chamber he was in. Leaving the blood to melt apon the ground, let it stain the rock where it fell forever..
-- Melty Blood..
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(Only sub-forum that is related to RP story.) Melty Blood
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