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 Larizlay "Shadowclaw"

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PostSubject: Larizlay "Shadowclaw"   Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:03 pm

Old, human, Name.·• Larizlay
Nicknames.·• "Shadowclaw"
Age.·• Unknown, Not aging anymore
Gender.·• Male, Shade
Status.·• Undead

height ;;; Might change, usually about 6"
weight ;;; UNKNOWN
build ;;;
hair ;;; NONE
eyes ;;; Piercing, yellow eyes
body art ;;; NONE
specific features ;;; Nothing irregular
clothing style ;;; Doesn't wears clothes
picture(s) ;;; Too lazy ;-)

overall physical description +-- As you look upon Larizlay, you see a dark shade with piercing, yellow eyes, you notice two dark thorns raising from his shoulder and two shady claws. As you take a closer look you can see the shade's skeleton-like, dark head.

likes``~ Spying, Serving Ner'zhul
dislikes``~ Memories of his life, his own reflection, strong mages, being cornered, being visible
strengths``~ Invisibility, intelligence, telepathy
weaknesses``~ Strong mages, weak fighting skills, attempts to flee at danger
habits/quirks``~ Attempts to flee when in danger, Fights to death when cornered
fears``~ Strong mages who can blow his invisibility up, combat
dreams``~ A high rank in the scourge
goals``~ The scourge-world domination
secrets``~ You'll have to find that out yourself

overall personality description +-- Larizlay has a cowardly, but intelligent personality, he prefers to stay undetected and flee from combat if possible, when cornered he fights to death.

(¯`mother·._ UNKNOWN
(¯`father·._ UNKNOWN
(¯`close siblings·._ UNKNOWN
(¯`others·._ UNKNOWN

history +-- Larizlay, once a magican of the Kirin Tor soon tasted the might of the necromancy and went to Scholomance, he trained hard and became a strong member of the Cult of the Damned always doing his best to receive Ner'zhuls Gift - Undeath. One day, after a great assault on the scarlets he had proven himself to receive the Undeath. He went into the Sacrific pit, several Necromancers were waiting already. Larizlay stood in a blood painted circle, five necromancers around him, channeling the plague into his body. He extended his arms upwards, letting the plague enter his pitiful body. A few days later, the ritual was done, from that moment on, the once called Larizlay started his new life, fanatically loyal to Ner'zhul, forgetting everything about his past life
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Larizlay "Shadowclaw"
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