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 Mefodiy "Lebedev" Soblezubov

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PostSubject: Mefodiy "Lebedev" Soblezubov   Wed Apr 08, 2009 10:50 am

Name.·• Mefodiy Soblezubov
Nicknames.·• Lebedev
Age.·• 48
Gender.·• Male
Status.·• Alive.

height ;;; 185 cm
weight ;;; 51 kg
build ;;; Skinny, Straight. But enough strong to wear 3 rifles,6 revolvers, bombs and etc.
hair ;;; Grey/Brown.
eyes ;;; Both Green
body art ;;; None
specific features ;;; Nothing special.
clothing style ;;; Brown, Long Coat. Wide hat that hides his eyes. Strong Leather armor under his coat.
picture(s) ;;;

overall physical description +-- Coated man that likes wear wide hats.

likes``~ Womans, guns, alcohol, smoking pipe, hunting, luck, perfect plans, allies with same goals.
dislikes``~ Fails, Druids, bothering people, mutants, problems, bad tobacco.
strengths``~ Tactic, gun shooting/reloading, engineering, alchemy, hiding.
weaknesses``~ Radiation, refuse from woman, ignored by woman and Dragon fights ofc.
habits/quirks``~ Smoke pipe, take naps on chair.
fears``~ Ignored by woman(Again), Running out of bullets, all guns are broken, disarmed.
dreams``~ Meet his sister, take over Duskwood.
goals``~ Take over Duskwood, Learn everything about "New" Duskwood.
secrets``~ Secrets are secrets, so learn about them ingame.

overall personality description +--

(¯`mother·._ (Unknown fate)
(¯`father·._ Alandil Soblezubov.
(¯`close siblings·._ Has a sister. Her whereabouts are unknown.
(¯`others·._ Nobody. *Sigh*

PS.- LF Sister for Mefodiy >.>

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PostSubject: Re: Mefodiy "Lebedev" Soblezubov   Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:33 am

Ooh, looks nice. Now read mine and comment! You will figure more out 'bout Revan.
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Mefodiy "Lebedev" Soblezubov
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