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PostSubject: Zenatrigosa   Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:30 pm

Full Name: Zenatrigosa
Class: Mage
Title: N/A
Race: Dragon, Blue
Age: 4,301
Height: 15 foot, 6 inches (Dragon Form) 5 foot, 8 inches (High Elf form)
Weight: 1,728lbs (Dragon Form) 139lbs (High Elf form)
Eye-color: Deep violet (Dragon Form) Sapphire Blue (High Elf form)
Hair-color: N/A (Dragon Form) Navy blue (High Elf form)
Religion or Beliefs: Zenarigosa follows the word of Malygos to a tee and believes that his decisions are just and worthy of being upheld. And while she is beginning to doubt Malygos's state of mind, it's nothing that has effected her judgement or decisions yet.
Affiliations: Brood of Malygos, The Kirin Tor.
Profession: Spellweaver
Physical Appearance: Zenatas in her Elven form has long, wavy dark-blue hair coming down just below her shoulders, her eyes are a deep sapphire but seem to have a brilliant violet inner glow. She has a slim, lithe build. And slanted features. She always seems to have a slight spring in her step and a relaxing air about her.
Tattoos, scars, markings: N/A
Accessories or Important Belongings: N/A
Personality: Zenatas is subtle and always seems outwardly warm, kind, and gentle, especially towards those she is about to attempt killing. She holds no love, nor disdain for mortal races and doesn't go out of her way to weave woe and misery for such creatures. Zenatas is cold and wrathful towards those whom speak ill of her kin or any other dragons, having no tolerance for her fellow dragons whom purposefully seek to destroy the other flights without logical reason. She always gives a mortal or anything else she wishes to kill a chance to change and swear themselves to Malygos before killing them, having a profound compassion for the other races and taking no joy in mindlessly slaughtering every mage or warlock she sees.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Zenatas is a master of Meta-magic, and she easily manipulates mana flows and bend them to her will. She's mastered the art of counterspelling and casting silently, and quickly. Weaknesses: Zenatas is endlessly curious about everything around her, she constantly tries to learn everything she can, which often leads her into dangerous situations. Zenatas also has a tendancy to anger quickly whenever people begin talking ill of Malygos, which has also gotten her into trouble now and then.
Hobbies: Zenatas likes to tinker with magic, finding new ways of manipulating mana flows to her will and is quite adept at manipulating the spells of others, she usually uses this to eliminate mortal spellcasters at Malygos's request.
Character History: Zenarigosa was born almost 4,000 years after the War of the Ancients, not long after she began devoting herself entirely to developing and honing her magical powers. After nearly 3,500 years of training her magical talents, she finally began leaving Coldaraa more and more, eventually meeting Talagos, after spending a few hundered years with him. The two officially became mates, taking residence within a cave in the mountains in the northern Dragonblight, where she resumed her pursuit of mastery over the arcane, though at a much lessened rate, occasionally traveling to Quel'thalas to learn more of the High Elves, and on occasion teach them some of the finer arts of Magic. She had continued in this manner until the recall from Malygos, since the occurance of that. She has been using her skills to slay mortal casters, and more often then not, sway them into joining the fight against their kith and kin. (From this point on is added in from RP) Of late, Zenatrigosa has begun to see the error in Malygos's thinking, and has turned against her father, and former idol. This was helped along by the death of her mate, and his dying wish for her to strike out against Malygos, and help the mortal races instead of fighting them.
Other, miscellaneous information: It's not uncommon to find Zenatrigosa sitting, pondering one subject or another for days or weeks on end without pause.
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