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 Spirit Champion Zul'Nerak application

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PostSubject: Spirit Champion Zul'Nerak application   Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:56 pm

Character Name: Zul'Nerak

Character History: Born in the Darkspear Tribe during the Murloc Invasion, Zul'Nerak was only named Nerak. Slowly he was trained in the dark spiritual arts of the Darkspear, gaining knowledge of the spirits. He is one of the survivors of the attacks by the murlocs, saved by the orcs. He ended up going to Orgrimmar where he stayed, and began learning the Orcish spiritual ways, gaining contact with the ancestral spirits of his fallen kin, and some other races, such as orcs and draenei. He slowly learned how to speak with these spirits in meditation, learning how to channel their abilities through him. Nerak learned that the taurens were highly spiritual and had set off on a windrider to visit the magnicificent land of Mulgore to learn more about these, tauren. Nerak made it to Thunderbluff after several stops to feed the wind rider and give it water. He began looking for one of the spiritual teachers of Thunderbluff, and finally found one in the mountains on edge of Mulgore and the Barrens, a travel that took two weeks to get to. He offered anything to learn the ways of the spirits from this tauren, Barul Steelhide. It took time for Nerak to develope his trust and respect and become his trainee. Barul taught Nerak for several years, in the spiritual ways of the Spirit Champion. Communicating with the spirits, using their powers, meditation, rules, what's respectful, what's disrespectful. He mastered these in seven years, fastly because he had other experience. He finally said good bye to Barul, thanked him, and was on his way to a new destiny, to a life of spiritual guidance, and a life of peace.

Character Personality: Calm, mature, and never wreckless. He's learned how to control his emotions to keep himself from abusing the spiritual abilities he has taken so long to achieve.

Knowledge of <Prestige Class>: High. I am highly knowledgeable in all troll aspects, Loa's, and spirits. I am skilled in trollish cultures and spiritual cultures such as the orcs and tauren.

What can and can’t a Spirit Champion do? We -can- block blows without knowing it, or controling it, but it may only happen every so often. We -can't- go uber god powered and use a spirit to block everything. We -can- have a spirit defend us from a fatal blow. We -can- meditate to communicate with the deceased to learn information such as languages, but I could be horribly wrong on that. We -can't- one shot some one that is resistant, like, we can not walk up to a tauren and punch him and him die instantly. We -can- have a spirit take temporary control to block or parry a hit, but of course it has a "cooldown".

Why should you be allowed to play a Spirit Champion?: Well, it's not if I should or shouldn't be allowed, it's more of...could I be allowed. I won't say I deserve the position, but I won't say I can't earn it. I will say, I could be allowed due to my high knowledge of the class and it's abilities and spiritual cultures, I will also say I couldn't be allowed due to not being well known, or well-trusted, or well-respected.

Will you God-mod/Metagame with any of the powers Spirit Champion grants you? I don't believe a Spirit Champion if played correctly can be god-modded, but that's my personal opinion due to the fact I know all weaknesses and strengths of them, like the "cooldowns" and requirements. I will not however use their ability as an excuse to know the identity of dragons, Eredars, and other shape-shifters unless a deceased player who had knowledge of said shape-shifters ICly tells me. Being a Spirit Champion does mean you may be capable of other languages because the Champion has no said requirements of what spirits it may or may not talk to, atleast to my knowledge, I could honestly be wrong.

Do you understand that any GM/Admin, at any time, has the right to revoke your privilages as a Spirit Champion, or any other Prestige Class? I understand this thoroughly and will not make any mistakes on my class. I will play it greatly and not abuse it's abilities. I completely accept that if I fail to meet the requirements of a prestige class, I will have it removed from me and I will not argue unless it is unrightfully taken away by some one just being pissed because I used this character to kill their friend.

What is your rank within this prestige class? (Only Apprentice and Intermediate. Masters must have special permission from Vendryas himself.) Due to the history I have given, it'd be Master, and I'll gladly get permission from Aethir to be a Master in this rank.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and do please take your time to read it again before making quick decisions if you chose to deny it.
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Spirit Champion Zul'Nerak application
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