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 Relleira Trueblade/Nightstrider

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PostSubject: Relleira Trueblade/Nightstrider   Sat May 30, 2009 1:27 pm

Name.·• Relleira Trueblade
Nicknames.·• Relle
Age.·• 225 (Elf) 45 (Human)
Gender.·• Female
Status.·• Alive (Was resurrected by U'cun)

height ;;;
weight ;;;
build ;;;
hair ;;; Before: Golden Brown After: Gray
eyes ;;; Before: Blue After: Red
body art ;;; Slim
specific features ;;;
clothing style ;;; Dark
picture(s) ;;;

overall physical description +--

likes``~ To scout out areas, spying on people, and being devious
dislikes``~ Annoying, ignorant people
strengths``~ One of the greatest rangers
weaknesses``~ Her love for her family
habits/quirks``~ Not listening
fears``~ Being controlled
dreams``~ For her children to live the rest of their lives happy
secrets``~ She never told anyone she has a twin sister because she has a deep hate for her.

overall personality description +--

(¯`mother·._ Bira Nightstrider (Maiden name: Sorrowsun)
(¯`father·._ Vnosterian Nightstrider
(¯`close siblings·._ Auroraza (twin sister)
(¯`others·._ Jael (son) Telle (daughter) Ecrosetis (father-in-law) Atrix (husband)

history +-- Relleira was born to the Nightstrider family and is the twin to Auroraza. Relleira was always fascinated with the rangers ever since she saw her father join them. When Relleira was old enough, she joined the rangers of Quel'thalas and became an excellent ranger after her training. When the invasion of the Scourge came, she and her family fought side by side. Her mother and father were killed during the battle and she and her sister went their separate ways. Relleira went to the Storm Peaks in Northrend and she almost died on the peaks until the Sons of Hodir found her and took her in. The Sons of Hodir took care of her along with a dwarf called Duramin. Relleira considered Duramin as her brother and they helped each other through thick and thin. After ten years on the mountains, Relleira left to follow Duramin to the Borean Tundra and that is when she met his human friend, Atrix Trueblade.

Relleira purposely stayed with Duramin so that she could be close to Atrix. Not to long after she met Ecrosetis, Atrix's adopted father, and she at first disliked him very much. While in the Borean Tundra, Relleira was tricked by Atrix's dead brother saying that he had captured Atrix and that if she wanted to save him she had to die and be raised as a dark ranger. Relleira did so having herself killed and under the command of the Lich King. As a dark ranger, Relleira nearly killed Atrix and during a great battle, she broke free of the Lich King's grasp to aid Atrix because she loved him very much. Things were different between Relleira and Atrix since she became a dark ranger and she felt things would never return to normal. One day, Relleira got her chance to restore her soul and be living once again. Atrix gave part of her soul to Relleira to help bring her back and the ritual was successful.

After Relleira was resurrected, she and Atrix got married. Not too long after, Relleira was pregnant with twins and she felt her life was complete that she would have the family she always wanted. After Jael and Telle were born, Relleira was visited by one of Atrix's friends saying to never follow him to work because lately he was bringing home a lot of money, but Relleira followed him anyways to Tanaris. Once she followed him she realized he was working for the assassin group known as the Shattered Hourglass and her heart cracked seeing it. Relleira was caught while at the base of the Shattered Hourglass and Atrix took his son Jael and he gave Telle to Ecrosetis to be trained as a mage in Dalaran. Relleira's heart was broken and she killed herself right there and vowed to take revenge when she came back as a dark ranger once again.

During the battle at Wintergrasp, the Horde and Alliance had to fight together to get rid of the Scourge. Even though Relleira vowed for revenge, she protected Atrix during the battle and Atrix protected her. After the battle, Relleira realized she still loved Atrix and he allowed her to see her children again. Jael and Telle were given to Relleira and Atrix disappeared not too long after this. Relleira then went to work for the Dusk of Eternal Darkness under the command of Anya Eversong and not too long after Relleira betrayed Anya during the battle on Fenris Isle and Anya vowed for revenge before she went crazy and died. Relleira worked for many terrible people after that while she took care of Jael and Telle, and when Anya's daughter, Dryana Eversong, took over the Dusk of Eternal Darkness, she, Ecrosetis and other followers joined to bring her down. During the battle Dryana fell and her last words were for Relleira to kill her, but she could not kill Dryana and in an instant Dryana cause a huge explosion killing her and Relleira.

Ecrosetis brought Relleira to the Tomb of Ancestors and preserved her body in ice. Relleira told Ecrosetis to take care of Jael and Telle and he did as told. When Ecrosetis gave Telle her mother's memory necklace, Relleira began appearing to her and everyone else as a ghost. Relleira did not want to leave Azeroth just yet, but she did. During the great battle of Ecrosetis and Aethir and after their deaths, she joined them in leaving Azeroth forever. She said goodbye to her children and finally left the world. Now, Relleira has been resurrected by the Old God of Nightmare, U'cun, to help him when he calls her. Relleira uses the Nightmare to hide herself from family, friends and others and now goes by Kavela Blackdawn. After the recent events that have happened in Silvermoon, U'cun freed Relleira and now roams around in her original form as a dark ranger.

Once being freed of U'cun, Relleira went to Undercity and has become one of Sylvanas' dark rangers. Now that Relleira is free of U'cun, she feels that she is no longer needed on Azeroth. With her rival, Anya Eversong, resurrected, she remains to stay around just in case she threatens the lives of her children because she will do anything to protect her children.

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PostSubject: Re: Relleira Trueblade/Nightstrider   Sat May 30, 2009 3:22 pm

Didn't you post this before?

And why didn't you change the Sylvanas thing like we agreed on?
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PostSubject: Re: Relleira Trueblade/Nightstrider   Sat May 30, 2009 6:41 pm

SourPuddle wrote:
Didn't you post this before?

And why didn't you change the Sylvanas thing like we agreed on?

I was fixing/adding stuff and I accidently made a new post of it and so I just got rid of the post that was on like page 3 I think and just left this one up. I fixed the Sylvanas thing.
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PostSubject: Re: Relleira Trueblade/Nightstrider   

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Relleira Trueblade/Nightstrider
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