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 Warrior Oro Luposul

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PostSubject: Warrior Oro Luposul   Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:34 pm

Name.·• Oro
Last name.·• Luposul (Phonetic: Loo-po-sool)
Nicknames.·• None
Age.·• 32 (Human Years.)
Gender.·• Male
Race.·• Tuskarr
Status.·• Single!

height ;;; Roughly 5'11''

weight ;;; Roughly 220 Lbs.

build ;;; Oro isn't very fat for his Race, his warrior and whaler life have kept him in good shape. His bicep/triceps are enormous, due to his size. He's got a big ol' belly, that normally hangs afew inches in front of him.

hair ;;; Oro has a long, flowing, Brown, light grey-almost moustache. His beard is always seen braided into 2 or 3 long braids. He has very bushy eyebrows, that stretch nearly across his entire forehead.

eyes ;;; His eyes are warm, and friendly looking, a dark shade of brown.

body art ;;; Oro is adorned with ceremonial and tribal warrior tattooes, mostly located around his arms, and on his chest and back. They are a dull white in color, and are very extravagant.

specific features ;;; At first glance, Oro would appear as a walking, brown, Walrus-man. His eternal smile, and warming eyes give him a friendly, and, well, almost cuddly look.

clothing style ;;; Oro normally wears Boots, a Loincloth, Long Gloves, and a Vest with a raised collar, all made from skins and pelts he hunted himself. These pelts include seals, penguins, Wolvar, and Shovel-Tusks.

picture(s) ;;;

overall physical description +-- A strongly built, dark colored Tuskarr, with long brutal tusks.

likes``~ Fishing, Whaling, Hunting, Trapping, "Honorable" Fighting, Communicating with other races.
dislikes``~ Dishonorable People/Evil-Doers, Mindless Violence, Bad Weather.
strengths``~ Physical Activities (Fighting, Hunting, Etc. ), Turtle Riding, Trapping/Luring, a Strong Spirit.
weaknesses``~ Young/Infantile Animals, Causing Fatalities, and always being Hungry.
habits/quirks``~ Eating, Drinking, Laughing. (Some times for unclear reasons, or none at all.)
fears``~ Letting his village down, allowing any of his children to die. (He has no children, yet.)
dreams``~ Branching out to a new land and starting a Village, hunting the ultimate Game.
goals``~ Rally the Tuskarr of Borean Tundra, and put an end to the Sea Vrykul menace.
secrets``~ Well if I posted them, they wouldnt be secret, now would they? ( None, heh. )

overall personality description +-- Oro is a warm and friendly Tuskarr. He'll rarely be seen in a bad mood, or being unfriendly to anyone. He's one of those kind of people who would want to be around, due to the aura he gives off around friends, or family. But when Oro is pushed to his limits, or forced to take action. let alone take life, he is a force to be reckoned with. His friendly smile will turn to a savage growl, and his soft eyes will turn to a burning glare. His whiskers will stand out, and his fangs will jut from his mouth. The more of beating he takes, the more savage he becomes.

(¯`mother·._ Kolua Luposul
(¯`father·._ Oronus Luposul
(¯`close siblings·._ None.
(¯`others·._ None.

history +-- Oro was born in Kaskala, a large Tuskarr village in Borean Tundra. His mother and father, Kolua and Oronus, raised their young son in the traditional ways of the Tuskarr. As in, Oro was no "Mutt" or born into some wierd or irregular way. Oro grew up with an ongoing love for hunting, fishing, and trapping. He was always friendly, even when he was a child, he was revered by Parents and other Tuskarr alike for his benevolent nature, and warm aura. A group of Young Tuskarr always used to practice brawling behind one of the Elder's huts while he slept, but Oro never attended. Only after his first hunt, in which he hunted down Shovel Tusk for his village, did Oro discover the ways of the warrior.

Oro learned quick to fight with a Spear. He adored his first hand-made spear, which he still owns today, as a keepsake. He also learned to fight with various Axes, and Clubs, nothing extravagant. The ways of the Sword are unknown to Oro, he would be better off fighting with his paws then a Sword. Oro underwent training from the local Warriors, and after nearly Two years, Oro learned much if not all of the basic training. In another two years time, when Oro was roughly 16 in Human years, Oro went into his first battle. The battle would pitt him and several other, numbering around 20 or so Tuskarr, against their age old foes, the Wolvar.

The Wolvar had been stealing goods from Kaskala much more recently of late, which drove the Elders of Kaskala to order an attack upon the Wolvar village of Frenzypaw. Frenzypaw was located half a mile or so away from Kaskala, so the Tuskarr attackers had to be quick, and silent, lest they be discovered before they reached the village. Five of Kaskala's greatest warriors, the "Turtlemen" they called them, for the five rode into battle atop Large Turtles. The Turtlemen rode around to the flank of the village, still undetected, as the other 15 Tuskarr formed up 100 yards or so from the Village's main entrance. Frenzypaw was surrounded by a tall, 9 foot Palisade wall, consisting of dense pine trees, cut into makeshift walls. The Turtlemen would flank the village from its east entrance, and the infantry would assault the village from the front.

Oro shivered in his thick hide, knowing the battle that would ensue before him. The Tuskarr Warrior Chief, Bahk, explained the plan of attack to his comrades. In a sudden, loud outburst of ear-piercing sound, the Tuskarr's horn bellowed out into the Tundra Air. The 15 Tuskarr warriors rushed into the entrance to Frenzypaw, and clashed amongst the Defenders, numbering around 40, and pushed forward. The Tuskarr pushed the Wolvar back, their long spears not allowing a single blow to any Tuskarr. Wolvar after Wolvar fell, before the Frenzypaw Chieften emerged onto the scene, adorned in a makeshift combat regalia, wielding two double-sided Hatchets. Another 20 or so Wolvar rushed into the front lines to assist their comrades, and the Chieften, "Long-Claw", as the Tuskarr called him, stayed in the back of his troops.

The front line of Tuskarr spears began to become fatigued from fighting the newly bolstered Wolvar force, and slowly, the front line broke. Things were about to become grim, and for Oro, he lied in the second line, which was now the front. Out of sheer survival, Oro was forced to kill the Wolvar who approached him, impaling his spear through their furry bodies, and snarling as they died out, blood erupting from their wounds. Oro's dislike for killing still stood, but yet, he had no choice, so fighting for his own life was anything but neccesary. The second line held well against the Wolvar, but the furry wolfmen were relentless, and started to move around the Tuskarr. As soon as Bahk spotted this, he blew his horn once more, signaling in the Turtlemen.

The Turtlemen tore through the east entrance to Frenzypaw, dicing up the guarding Wolvar with ease. The Turtlemen rode valiantly into the back of the Wolvar which were fighting near the front gate, near Oro, and cut them down with their long Spears and Axes. Long-Claw did not forsee this, so he went to deal with it himself, chopping down one of his own Wolvar as he walked, out of pure bloodlust. Long-Claw strode heavily into the Turtlemen, which were now making a serious dent in the Wolvar's numbers. Long-Claw pushed his feet off the ground, and leaped to the nearest Turtleman, slashing him off of his mount in a matter of a second or so. Long-Claw hopped onto the saddle of the Turtleman's turtle, and rode it directly into another Turtleman, entangling them both into a mounted combat.

Long-Claw slowly won the endeavor, and killed off the second Turtleman. But to his own surprise, Long-Claw had been knocked off his turtle suddenly in a stunning show of force, by Bahk, the Tuskarr Warrior Chief. Long-Claw hit the dirt hard, and turned around to stand and face Bahk, only to meet Bahk's warhammer to his face. The hammer rang off Long-Claws face, and his fangs flew in different directions. Bahk pursued him further, scoring another blow, striking Long-Claw in the gut whilst he was down. Long-Claw was essentially beaten already, in a 15 second fight. Bahk stood over Long-Claw triumphantly, and roared with victory, attracting the nearby attention of the Wolvar, who looked upon their fallen leader. The Wolvar lost their will to fight, and were slaughtered soon after.

Oro cringed at the ravaged dead, red snow, and blood-caked dirt. The battle at Frenzypaw was victorious for the Tuskarr, out of 20 soldiers, they lost 7 in all. They would be missed, mourned, and buried ceremonially, in one massive bonfire, along with their fellow fallen Warriors. The Tuskarr marched back to Kaskala full of pride, but still very serious, the grime of battle still coating many of them. When they reached Kaskala, they were greeted by the open arms of their love ones, and a wide-smiling Elder, ready to award the Brave with tokens of Valor amongst their people. Oro attened the ceremony after the battle, and the Elder awarded the valorous with distinct, and extravagant weaponry. For Oro's first time in battle, he received an Amulet, depicting a Tundra Mountain, and two crossed spears underneath it. It was awarded to all young warriors brave enough to enter battle.

From that day forth, Oro has trained with the Warriors, and Turtlemen, learning their techniques and skills. He had become a great warrior, around age 19, he had become one of the best fighters in Kaskala. He did not participate in another battle until his late 20's, but in the mean time, he had taken up whaling. Being already a well-trained fisherman, whaling proved little struggle for Oro. By then, he was about big enough to lift a whale from the sea! Oro kept whaling for 4 years, until he was roughly 20 in Human years. He raised his own small fortune from his vigorous whaling expeditions, and built his own hut, near the confines of Kaskala. His hut was finished, about 6 months after his 21st year, and he moved away from his parents, and lived his own, new life. Oro would pick of hunting and trapping there after, as a way of providing for himself. He hunted and trapped for 8 years, before he was called into battle again.

The battle was in the not-so-faraway lands of Dragonblight, 20 miles or so from Kaskala. Kama'gua, a Tuskarr fishing village, had been under ongoing attacks from the Wolvar around lake Indule. 10 Warriors were sent to assist the Kama'gua village, and they warded off the Wolvar, eventually defeating them for good, about 3 months later. Oro stayed in Kama'gua for a time, doing favors for the Elder and tribesmen. He stayed for 2 months, before the warmth of Kaskala called him back. The Elder of Kama'gua awarded Oro with a boat of his own, for his valor in battle. Oro sailed off towards Kaskala, waving back to the distant shore of what was Kamagua, the Tuskarr men and women there returned their own wave as well. Oro reached Kaskala in one full day, and was shocked at what lied before him.

As Oro's ship sailed into the Harbors of Kaskala, large, wooden Vrykul boats were docked at the piers of Kaskala. Fire rose into the skies, smoke could be seen from miles away, the Sea Vrykul tore through the town of Kaskala, burning and pillaging as they went. Oro soared towards the shore, hopped out of his boat, and vigorously cut down Vrykul in his path to the Elder's Hut. As Oro entered the Elder's Hut, he discovered he was too late, the Sea Vrykul had slain his Elder! Oro's eyes darted around the hut, and he pulled off the sacred beaded necklace from around the Elder's neck, and exited the Hut. When he emerged outside, a whole legion of Sea Vrykul marched towards him, their numbers were far too great for Oro to handle alone, so he had no choice but to flee.

Oro fled southwest, and quickly ran into Tuskarr survivors. He looked at them closely, one of them being Bahk, the chieften. Bahk had informed Oro that the Sea Vrykul attacked yesterday, and without remorse. They were caught off guard, and any who could escape, were lucky. Oro knew what he must do, and it would become his greatest goal. Oro was to rally the forces of Tuskarr in Borean Tundra, and lead them against the Sea Vrykul menace. A goal, which even today, he strides to complete...

[[ Phew, thanks for reading, if you did. Please comment, criticism, etc. ]]
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PostSubject: Re: Warrior Oro Luposul   Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:16 pm

Err.. By Kamagua, I mean Mo'aki (sp)... DOnt know what I was thinkin'.
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Warrior Oro Luposul
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