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 Knight Templar Stevan Lightsword

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PostSubject: Knight Templar Stevan Lightsword   Mon May 25, 2009 1:07 am

Name.·• Stevan Lightsword
Nicknames.·• Imortal, Knight, Stev
Age.·• 23
Gender.·• Male
Status.·• Alive

height ;;; 200 cm
weight ;;; With armor, about 80 kg
build ;;; Athletic, sllim, but yet strong
hair ;;; Long hair, short beard, brown
eyes ;;; Brown/black
body art ;;; Tatoo on his left shoulder, scar on his left foot
specific features ;;; Will add later.
clothing style ;;; Armor
picture(s) ;;; Will add later.

overall physical description +--

likes``~ Women, the Light, prayers, drinks,communicate, his brothers
dislikes``~ Shadow, Warlocks, Worgen, Wolfs, Worgs, racists
strengths``~ His mind and brains
weaknesses``~ Find out IC. (hur hur hur)
habits/quirks``~ Somethimes ignores all around him and thinks, solving problems the diplomatic way
fears``~ Death of his brothers
dreams``~ To find his father, alive
goals``~ To settle down, and find peace. Wants to become a historian and writter.
secrets``~ Find out IC.

overall personality description +--

(¯`close siblings·._ Richard(Baby brother), Thomas(younger brother)

history +--
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Knight Templar Stevan Lightsword
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