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 Chat Windows

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PostSubject: Chat Windows   Sat May 23, 2009 7:08 am

Yeah, so I don't know how many people do this already but I noticed some people complaining about their chat windows getting clogged up with.. well.. chat. So here's Acorn's handy guide to a less messy chatter box.

1. Cut a hole-- No, I lied. You right-click the General tab and do new window.

2. Name it, I like to go with World because it makes sense to me. Feel free to get creative.

3. Drag your new tab over to the right side of the screen. Ta-Da! You now have two chat windows.

"But wait!" you're saying. Now everything is just being displayed twice! Aha, that is where I come and hit you in 'da face wit' step 4.

4. Right click your newly created World tab and go to settings. Uncheck everything in the Chat section. Then proceed to the Global Channels tab and check everything.

5. Now go back into your original chat window and uncheck everything in the Global Channels tab.

Easy, right? All in 5 steps. You can play with it a bit and set it up how you want it but this is just how I do it.

[It's not obvious that I haven't gone to bed yet.. Totally not.]
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PostSubject: Re: Chat Windows   Thu May 28, 2009 7:27 am

...wow. Acorn. You are a god.

This will seriously save me some chat space.
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Chat Windows
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