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 Sprock Cogspinner

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PostSubject: Sprock Cogspinner   Sun Mar 22, 2009 1:50 am

Name: Sprock

Last Name: Cogspinner

Title: Self-Proclaimed Lord of All Bombs

Faction: Himself( though he often prefers working with the Alliance. )

Race: Gnome

Character Description:
Sprock is about as tall as any other gnome, He had purpled colored eyes, his hair is white and is put into the fashion of a mohawk. He has a slick build, except for his arms, his arms are filled with muscles, Those bombs are heavy! He is quick on his feet and thin on gnomish standards. He also has a large, black tattoo that looks like an explosion all across his back, coming up to his shoulders.

Character Background:
Sprock was born many years prior to the first war. He grew up in Gnomeregan, Gnomeregan was all he knew. One faithful day, Gnomeregan came under attack by troggs, his father was too old to fight by then, so he stood on the front lines on his large Mech, while his mother stayed behind the war as a medic, healing like any normal, powerless priest would. Sprock himself was standing behind the front lines as a bomb-slinger and techno-mage. Sprock was called in by Ironforge to build flying machines for the Alliance. And was no longer able to participate in the war, By the second war, Sprock still didn't know the faith of the gnome race and now supplied planes with ammo on the battlefield. Sprock decided to return to Gnomeregan, noticing all of the fumes that had been released, he entered, noticing the gnomes still fighting against the troggs, He headed towards the throne chamber, realizing that they had released toxins into the city, he looked around the city for his father, to his surprise, his father was still alive, though his mother had died. He tried to convince his father to leave, saying it was too dangerous and risky to stay there, though he did not succeed. By the third war, Sprock had become a techno-mage and due to the stress he'd undergone in Gnomeregan, his hair turned white. His father was dead, but he didn't care. The Gnome city was dead, but he didn't care, though he prefers working with gnomes, he works as a mercenary now.

In the time that the third war lasted, Sprock managed to loose an eye, then his second eye, he currently sees VIA specialized goggles that connect to his optic nerve and allow him to see, he also has a prosthetic arm and leg, meaning his left arm and leg are completely destroyed and are made of robot parts. Though he does not give away this information too many people, often steam can be seen coming out of his arm.

When gnomeregan was liberated, Sprock couldn't help but feel joyous about it. Though not as much as other gnomes, Sprock really couldn't return considering he already had his own blimp above Mount Ironforge.

Sprock has no eyes, as stated above. Sprock's favorite gun is called 'Chelsey' and he has special gnomish commando training! Also, Sprock's best friend is Wrin. ( RAWR! )
Character Screenshot (Maximume of two):

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PostSubject: Re: Sprock Cogspinner   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:09 am

You jerk, Skibb's not his friend?
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Sprock Cogspinner
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