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 Narea Fireshade (Nareakasz The Red)

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PostSubject: Narea Fireshade (Nareakasz The Red)   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:56 am


    Name Nareakasz The Red. (AKA: Narea Fireshade)
    Nickname Narea.
    Age 5,750.
    Gender Male .
    Status Alive.

    height ;;; 195 cm
    weight ;;; 65 kg
    build ;;; Like a average human, in Dragon form, the same as a Wyrm.
    hair ;;; Ponytail and beard, red.
    eyes ;;; Draconic/Blue.
    body art ;;; None.
    specific features ;;; None (Will add later)
    clothing style ;;; Robes.
    picture(s) ;;;

    overall physical description +-- Nareakasz looks like he is more muscular then a normal human.

    likes``~ Killing Black Dragons, studying.
    dislikes``~ People insulting him.
    strengths``~ Fire attacks.
    weaknesses``~ Ice attacks (Pokémon logic >.<)
    habits/quirks``~ He tends to get angry in a short time.
    fears``~ The death of his Father and Mother (Korialstrasz & Alexstrasza)
    dreams``~ None
    goals``~ None
    secrets``~ None

    overall personality description +--

    (¯`mother·._ Alexstrasza
    (¯`father·._ Korialstrasz/Krasus
    (¯`close siblings·._ Alazeastrasza

    history +-- Will fill it in later.
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Narea Fireshade (Nareakasz The Red)
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