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 Alex Swiftarrow the Lion Hearted

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PostSubject: Alex Swiftarrow the Lion Hearted   Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:50 pm

Name: Alex
Last Name: Swiftarrow
Title: (If you have one): the Lion Hearted
Faction: Alliance
Race: Night Elf
Character Description (As in, eye color, scars, etc.): Alex is a tall Kaldorei, roughly 6'6. She has white, glowing eyes and turquoise long hair.
Character Background (History, in other words): Alex was born in Ashenvale abandoned by her birth mother and father, raised by the Sisters of Raynewood for all of seven years she ran away. As a small child, never knowing who she really was, she roamed the lands of Kalimdor... from Ashenvale to Silithus and back causing more and more mischief each time she passed through a town or village. Her last trip to Silithus was to Cenarion Hold, her mission was to steal weapons for her own protection as she was only nine she could never really understand what consequences were without proper parenting. She was a criminal to many of the Cenarion Druids and the circle. She was eventually caught on her mission to steal weapons. Seeing how she was a Night Elf she was brought back to High Priestest Tyrande, thinking she would decide her fate for her crimes. Tyrande took her in instead of locking her up and taught Alex many things... Tyrande discovered she was a good scavenger. She took her to the great Hunter trainer of Darnassuss, Jeen'ra Nightrunner. For sixteen years Jeen'ra had trained Alex into being a great archer and fighter. Not to much later Alex was shipped and stationed in Elwynn Forest for impending attacks by the Scourage coming from Duskwood she held them off and was soon honored with the title of being the Lion Hearted and being made the Chancellor of The Stormwind Society. There she would make the greatest decisions of her life and this is where we leave off...
Other: The Sisters of Raynewood gave Alex her name. Arrowswift was given to her by Tyrande for her amazing abilities.
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Alex Swiftarrow the Lion Hearted
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