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 How Tango became... A Lone wolf..

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PostSubject: How Tango became... A Lone wolf..   Mon May 04, 2009 7:51 pm

Hey folks, just to clear this up and get it out of the way...

Lots of people have been asking me how Tango got the power to become a 'Wolf' well.. I happened to get it all on a short summary of what happened... Hope you enjoy.. ( This whole story was actually RPed with real players long before yall where born)

Bound to a deed that needed to be complete, Tango had to travel far to the Alterac Mountains; there he had to eliminate a notorious ogre causing trouble to his contract. Once that was done he spent one more night resting his small wounds of the battle. Overnight he heard loud earsplitting yelps of wolf pups. He thought this over for a few minutes…staying inside his flap tent or checking outside.... No choice, he could not sleep over the loud yelps and howls so he –had- to go. He put his ruffled cloak on and threw himself through the opening of his tent; The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas, the road to the south looked like a moonlit ribbon under the rays. The freezing wind of the Mountains invaded his armor and pierced his cloak making him shiver to the bone. A few minutes pass, Tango comes running back with two large Wolf pups and some bite marks on his forearm nothing too painful. The following morning he woke up looking at his torn up hand, bite marks all over it, A Bit of blood coming down his fingers. He thought to himself ‘Those wolves sure got sharp teeth’ wrapping a small cloth around his hand.The next morning when he came out of the tent he saw one pup, already woken up playing on the fluffy snow rolling around happily. The other one... was gone, nowhere near sight. He went back in his tent finding the pup lying next to a footlocker, Tango’s heart stopped for a brief second as his eyes grew big. He picked up the pup shaking him a little but it was too late. The Pup never made the night. Tango wrapped him in a cloth gently and packed up his tent and belongings. He beckoned the other pup to follow, his brother in Tango’s hand. They went south to Hillsbrad Foothills. Tango knew of an encampment there. At this young age it was still difficult for Tango to understand Death, Still even though he had eliminated many people. A tear slipped and ran down his cheek as they walked into the camp. Tango knew of a Mage, Shaman, and a Witch Doctor there. He hoped for them to bring the pup back to life.

He brought down his fist to the table his other hand busy trying to keep him from doing anything dangerous as he heard it was too late, the other pup behind him whimpering to the mad-man. “..There -is- one thing we -can- do...” said the Witch Doctor... Tango was now facing away from the three of them, his ears bounced back up as he turned, his eyes begging to flood of tears once more. He was struck deeply of this occasion because he too.... lost his older brother. “..What can you do!?!” Tango spoke loudly and almost in a growling tone. The Witch Doctor backed off a bit turning to his left and right consulting with the mage and the Shaman which where at his sides. “..Well, although we can not bring the pup back to life…We can…” the witch doctor's words trailed off, once more he stopped turning toward both the Mage and the Shaman his face full of questions wether it was right to make this decision.

Tango pressed on, a bit annoyed he yelled out again “...Go on!” the Witch Doctor spilled out the news “...We can transfer part of him to you... in a way... of saying it...” Tango’s eyes grew once more... (And I’ll leave it at that)
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How Tango became... A Lone wolf..
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