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 Vurtion Whiteflame(Belintar)

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PostSubject: Vurtion Whiteflame(Belintar)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:37 am

    Name.·• Belintar Stonehammer(Mortal), Vurtion Whiteflame(Draconic)
    Nicknames.·• The Earth-Warder(Self proclaimed), The Uncorrupted
    Age.·• Around 3,000.
    Gender.·• Male
    Status.·• Alive

    height ;;;6'4"
    weight ;;;I DUNNO!
    build ;;;He's stocky, with lots of muscles(Lol go unoriginality). Mostly because he's a Grand Marshal and a kind of 'frontline' commander.
    hair ;;;Short and Black, has a small mustache
    eyes ;;;Blue.
    body art ;;; Invisible runes that show up when he starts to release chaos energy and power.
    specific features ;;; Various scars all over his body from countless battles
    clothing style ;;;Armoured most of the time. Sometimes casual.
    picture(s) ;;;http://fc07.deviantart.com/fs8/i/2005/293/4/5/dragon_hurlant_by_rinpoo_chuang.jpg

    overall physical description +--Stocky, large and well built. Rugged.

    likes``~ Killing, war, children, women, Elven Women. Weapons. Adoption.
    dislikes``~Seeing Children in pain, disowning, abortion, cowards.
    strengths``~Can become cold and distant, but hates it. Has some control over Chaos Energy. Can be really cocky.
    weaknesses``~Can be really cocky.
    habits/quirks``~Has a tendancy to ignore important people whenever his daughter is near him.
    fears``~His own death. Dragons more powerful than him.(IE the Aspects.) Arthas.
    dreams``~Being The Earth-Warder.
    goals``~Destroying Arthas and Deathwing.
    secrets``~None going to be told.

    overall personality description +--Hearty and Strong willed.

    (¯`close siblings·._None known.
    (¯`others·._Kellinstrasz, Valygos, Jendormu, Falai.

    history +--Before Vurtion had even hatched his egg was stolen from his clutch. Someone, or something was stealing eggs with exceptional catabilities and power hidden away. One of each Flight of Dragons. These 5 eggs were put into one nest and somehow, in almost a miracle, they all hatched at around the same time. Within an hour of each other.

    The first egg that hatched was Vurtion. He became the 'oldest' in this regard, and became sort of the leader for this odd family. A female Dragoness', who's name was never told to them was considered their mother. She was a Blue Dragoness, who died shortly after the Whiteflames were strengthened enough to survive on their own.

    Vurtion became the hardest and heartiest of the Whiteflames. Quickly learning the tricks and trade of manipulation, he started out as a Knight-Lieutenant in The Stormwind Army and became quickly renowed for his ability to lead and his strength in battle. This was merely when he was 20(Human years) Although he had aged quite a few years in Draconic.

    10 more years later, he had hit the age of 30, and at this point he was named as a Champion of The Argent Dawn for successfully leading an attack on Baron Rivendare and Stratholme, killing Rivendare alone and taking his head.(Which would quickly turn itself up in Naxxramas again.). He had a son. In his mortal form, he had well.. you know, did a human woman by the name of Katrina Malathar.

    This woman was a Paladin, whom had fallen in love with Vurtion. It was more of a one night stand kind of thing, however, 9 months later she had Kellinath. Vurtion's son.

    Vurtion has only recently discovered his son. Who had taken up his father's name without him even knowing it until Kellinath had finally did something amazing enough.

    Many more years later, Vurtion is now a Grand Marshal, age 67 in Human years.
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Vurtion Whiteflame(Belintar)
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