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 Janeriss Witherbane.

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PostSubject: Janeriss Witherbane.   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:22 pm

Another one which I am simply taking from another server . . . >_> I -really- like this template, so sue me. Crying or Very sad

Full Name: Janeriss Witherbane
Class: Warrior (2) Sorceress (6) Warmage (7)
Title: Warmage.
Race: Quel'dorei (High Elf)
Age: 183
Height: 5 foot, 6 inches.
Weight: 126lb
Eye-color: Saphire Blue.
Hair-color: Red.
Religion or Beliefs: Loosely follows the Holy Light.
Affiliations: Alliance, Cartel, The Farstriders, Theramore.
Profession: Battle mage.

Physical Appearance: Stands at about the height of a human, her eyes usually seem to have arcane energy crackling just beneath the surface, and when they don't. Her eyes still seem to glow with an inner, sapphire light. Her dirty blonde hair is usually in disarray as she rarely takes the time to do anything proper with it, her skin is fairly pale, her frame thin and sturdy, (by elven standards). She generally keeps her spear on her back and at least one sword on her hip. If she's planning on going somewhere dangerous she'll have a belt full of spell component pouches, a bag of bullets, a pistol, her two swords. A dagger, her short bow strapped to her back beneath her spear, and a quivering hanging at her waist from a shoulder strap.
Tattoos, scars, markings: None.
Accessories or Important Belongings: Her spear, (DnD stats: +3 piercing electric burst defending spear.) and a Sunstone Necklace to sate her Arcane Addiction.
Personality: Janeriss is reserved about her true feelings, usually not truly showing her feelings until she is willing to fight next to the person and not watch her back around them. If, however one could get passed the initial, apathetic barrier, they'd find a rather friendly and passionate companion and friend, whom albeit is quick to anger, is also quick to come to her friend's aid without question or consideration of her own self-preservation.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Strnegths: Good at casting damage dealing spells quickly and under pressure. She's also good with a wide array of weapons but will almost never be seen in a battle without her spear in hand, she's observant, intelligent, is good with words, and fairly beautiful. A combination she tries to use as much as possible. Weaknesses: She's got a short temper and not much patience, and if caught in even a remotely bad mood, antagonising her may get a lightning bolt thrown in your face. Which has gotten her into trouble more than once. Despite her years of training with the Farstriders, Janeriss is not the warrior some of them are, and is quite frail and weak in comparison to most. Though she is still hartier and stronger than most other mages.
Hobbies: Writing paper with a ton of explosive runes on it.
Character History: Janeriss was born one hundred fifty three years before the First War. At the age of 5 she began showing an acute affinity for the Arcane, and without proper tutelage, began manifesting her people’s innate powers at the incredibly young age of 15. Immediately, Janeriss’s mother, Nelthiana Witherbane began tutoring her in the arts of Arcane Magic. Soon thereafter, it became apparent that tutoring Janeriss was quite useless; as with each passing month, her powers became more and more innate, more apart of her rather than something she controlled or commanded as Wizards and Arcanists do. As her rise in power began to level-off and slow, she practiced her arts less and less, no longer taking part in spell weavings with her mother and brother; which was a bit of a relief for her as she had always found them too tedious, too boring. At the age of fifty four, Janeriss accompanied a friend of hers to the Farstrider Academy. And just after one day of watching the Farstrider’s training regiments, observing how fast-paced and exciting they were in comparison to magical studies, she picked up a blade and began training with the Farstriders, soon finding that, in her hands, a Spear or Ranseur felt almost as natural to her as using magic. At the age of 75, Janeriss began feeling as though she had no true place in the world. The Farstriders, while they had introduced her to something she could truly be passionate about, something more than simple study and books; their lifestyle was not for her, she was far too laid-back, not to mention small of build to ever truly be at home among the Farstriders. Slowly but surely, a sense of hopelessness washed over Janeriss as she saw herself as an outcast amongst her people. That is, until she found a branch of Magisters known as the Warmages and the Battle Mages. Within this group, Janeriss found a harmony between her innate magical powers; which by now came to her as easily as breathing, and her love of a fight. She immediately began applying herself to studying under the Warmages, and they, in kind accepted her into their ranks. For the next seventy five years, Janeriss trained with the Warmages and honed her skills, finding an affinity for Electric-based magic above the others and quickly adjusting herself to the weight of armor, to the point where, like all Warmages eventually attain, she found she was no longer impeded by wearing light armors such as Leather and Chain. When the first war broke out, Janeriss opted for staying within Quel’thalas and delving deeper into her magical studies, trying to further hone her skills of the Arcane. Only occasionally coming out of her family’s home in Tranquilien to check on the status of the war. Just before the end of the Frist War, Janeriss began traveling to Lordaeron, interacting with humans in masses for the first time in her life. Quickly she grew fond of the humans, finding their faced-paced, impatient lifestyle somewhat to her liking, even if she did not wish to partake in it herself. When the Second War broke out, Janeriss was living quite comfortably near the capital of Lordaeron, working as a guard in Brill. When Anduin Lothar called for troops to fight against the hordes of Draenor, Janeriss was one of the first to volunteer, already having begun growing bored of the tedious lifestyle of a guard. After the Second War, Janeriss did not return to Lordaeron, opting instead to travel the wilderness close to the Blasted Lands further honing her skills of survival and her expertise with the blade, and, while she fully expected to become crippled by her people’s addiction to Arcane Magic, she quickly found she could sate her addiction on her own, innate magical energies. During her travels, Janeriss encountered the Steamwheedle Cartel and began working with them. A job in which she held until the end of the Third War, at which point the increased appearance of Kaldorei (Night Elves) and adventurers finally peaked her interest and she decided to leave the Cartel, before doing so however, she allowed herself to be subjected to several binding spells and curses that would activate should she ever reveal what she had done or witnessed during her time with the Cartel, all of which she has dispelled since leaving the Cartel, finding the influence of such spells greatly displeasing and irritating. Since leaving the Cartel, Janeriss has been traveling various locations on Azeroth, and on occasion, Outland. Keeping pretty much out-of-the-way of the goings-on of Azeroth in general.
Other, miscellaneous information: N/A.
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Janeriss Witherbane.
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