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 Gryphonheart Project.

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PostSubject: Gryphonheart Project.   Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:36 pm

Regarding Gryphon heart Add on.

Gryphonheart is great to have for dedicated guild organizations. Such as, if someone within or not within the guild were to do a deed or commit an act of betrayal, the leader of that guild could deduct/grant standing points to make the person; Hated, unfriendly, neutral, friendly, honored, etc. Okay! So Gryphonheart reputation is a taaaaaad different. For this, once downloaded and logged into the server. To have access to it, you must pm a person within the project, or they can pm you. It should say 'Joined Gryphonheart Project' or something of that sort. To check if it was a success, go to your reputations section. If it shows under the main factions, 'Rebel WoW, followed by a few factions below you are now in the Gryphonheart project! Congrats! After you join it, you will notice a strange spam of dnd/afk when you click a random person. To negate this, you must hover over to your chat bar and right click on General, click Settings, go to Others, then uncheck DND and AFK on chat list. General>Settings>Others>Uncheck DND and AFK. Press okay, then you shall be all set.
Only people who have this addon can actually see the factions.


If you wish to have your guild within the project, you must private message my forum account filling out this template. This will allow you to set standing reputations for people do or do-not have relations with your guild.

Faction Name:
Faction Leader:
Starting Reputation for all people aside from members of this Faction: ((What will their starting rep be, ex. Scarlet Crusade is Hostile, Ratchet at first is Neutral.))
Guild Description: ((What you wanted it to state on the description for your guild.))
How Many Members Do You Have Already?
Why you wish to use the GHR system for your guild:
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Gryphonheart Project.
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