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PostSubject: Zaornailissa.   Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:15 pm

Alright, I'm going to do a character profile template I used on a different server for this which seemed to work well, and which I personally like, quite a bit to be honest.

Full Name: Zaornailissa
Class: Warlock
Title: The Corruptor
Race: Man'ari Eredar
Age: 9,071
Height: 5 foot, 7 inches. (Blood Elven Form) 6 foot, 9 inches (Eredar form)
Weight: 139 lbs (Blood Elven Form) 152 lbs (Eredar form)
Eye-color: Green (If she's recently fed) Black (If deprived of her food source for long enough or if angered)
Hair-color: Light-hued gold (Blood Elven Form) Deep Violet (Eredar form)
Religion or Beliefs: Zaornailissa has recently begun reverting to the beliefs of the Eredar, that all creations of the titan's deserve to be drained of power and then destroyed if no longer useful. That mortals are beneath her and deserve to be used as pawns, then discarded
Affiliations: The Burning Legion.
Profession: Arcane Scroll writing, Wand making.
Physical Appearance: In her Blood Elven form, Zaornailissa stands at average height for a Blood Elf, her face is possibly a bit more full than most elves', but nothing too out of the norm; she usually carries herself with a pleasant demeanor, seeming constantly at ease unless she's fighting.
Tattoos, scars, markings: N/A
Accessories or Important Belongings: N/A
Personality: Zaornailissa is usually kind and warm at first, and will continue to be so if the person in question remains useful to her. At one time, Zaornailissa viewed mortals in a light of awe and reverance, however. Recently this view has changed to one of a more aggressive nature toward mortals. She'll be endlessly kind and curtious to people whom she views as useful to her, but the moment their usefullness ends, she'll be cold and sharp toward them. To most people she will simply act neutral toward them, showing more kindness and liking than disdain until she evaluates whether they are useful or not.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Like all Eredar, Zaornailissa is exceptional at spellcasting. Zaornailissa is also very charismatic, and what some would consider more beautiful than some while in her elven form; two traits that Zaornailissa use constantly when talking to mortals she believes are useful to her. Weaknesses: Zaornailissa's knowledge of Arcane spells is limited in comparison to even some mortal casters, and while she may cast what she knows with more effectiveness than many mortals; she lacks the simple variety most mages or warlocks possess. Also, Zaornailissa is thin and weak of build, and ill-effective in melee combat.
Hobbies: Finding new ways of manipulating shadow and fel energy so she can better use it against her enemies.
Character History: Zaornailissa was born on Argus, and at the age of 5, like most Eredar, began training with a master Man'ari Warlock. After the third war, just after Archimonde was slain. Her master was embroiled in a spell to summon and bind his spirit, seeing her one chance at escape, Zaornailissa slew her master and fled to Azeroth, disguising herself as a Sin'dorei and inserting herself into the common-life of Silvermoon. She went about her buisness, learning what she could about the arcane and getting by through her skills of inscrbing scrolls and creating wands with minor spells for people. And after almost ten years of doing so, Zaornailissa met another Man'ari Warlock; and has chosen to willingly apprentice herself to her new master. She has since studied under him, occasionally venturing off on her own to observe and meddle with mortal affairs.
Other, miscellaneous information:
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