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 The Chroes. [Marcus, Jethelon, Jethelon, Lunhild.]

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PostSubject: The Chroes. [Marcus, Jethelon, Jethelon, Lunhild.]   Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:01 pm

Alexander Chroe, the father of the four brothers, was a follower of the Light, and stationed in Lakeshire. While he was there, he met a High Elven named Laurena. Short story is, they fell in love, and had four children.

Marcus and Jethelon were the two bigger, and muscular of the four. While Jethelen and Lunhild both were frail, and intelligent. At the age of 17, the four set off for Stormwind. They learned of their parents deaths there. All four were devistated. All but Lunhild swore themselves to the Light. He ran off.

The three accelerated in the ways of the Light. After four years of training, they set off for information of their parents. They found such information in the Shattrath. Their father was planning a group of some sort. Marcus and Jethelon decided to form it. Sadly, they disagreed on the ideas and formed to seperate orders, Order of the Holy, and Holy Retribution.

After many years of fighting, their orders merged into the Order of the Silver Shield. It became popular, very popular. When armies were sent to Northerend, the Shield was quick to respond. Marcus and his Order fought along side the Argent Dawn. They rewarded him with the title of Argent Champion. Though, when they were fighting, someone betrayed the Order, causing a massive defeat. They lost heavily, and went back to Azeroth. Once back on Azeroth, they heard from Lunhild. He had become an Archmage, and seemed mad.

They are slowly regaining numbers. They also have took over Heroes Vigil, which was renamed the Silver Isle.

[I'll edit that up. I just needed a Profile up.]
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The Chroes. [Marcus, Jethelon, Jethelon, Lunhild.]
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