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 Maellic De Layle Catholine

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PostSubject: Maellic De Layle Catholine   Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:59 pm

    Name.·• Maellic De Layle ( Lae-Lee )
    Age.·• 48
    Gender.·• Male
    Status.·• Alive, Single (( Dunno what it means =D ))

    height ;;; 6'7
    weight ;;; 143 pounds
    build ;;; Tall and Muscular, thin for a human.
    hair ;;; Black
    eyes ;;; Green
    body art ;;; Tattoos all over his body show marks that he was once enhanced by a rune master, the rune's powers have waned but they still serve for intimidation.
    specific features ;;; Maellic is a tall human, he's got a full pack of muscles on his abdomen and slightly pointed ears, revealing his Half elven nature, he has features of both human and elf races, head is normally sized, his nose is rather small for his human sized head, his lips are barely visible due to to his mustache and goatee, Maellic's black hair falls down below his shoulders and he ties up into a pony tail on the back of his head. Maellics elven features include pointed ears, bright green eyes, though his black hair color was inherited from his father. His human features include, his stout, tall body build and his small beard.
    clothing style ;;; Maellic wears simple clothing instead of accepting his noble status, he wears a silk white tunic, his tabard going over it and stretching down to his knees, on his hands he wears more sophisticated clothing, wearing brown and white with blue jewels put into the knit, He wears similar boots, his pants are also made of white silk, While in northrend, he wears black leather above his silk clothing, for more warm and what not. He also wears a cowl, to cover his head from the extreme cold.
    Many ask Maellic, why he wears silk, and he answers, "Silk's good absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather."
    picture(s) ;;;

    overall physical description +--

    likes``~ Order, Law, The Holy Light, Women( Obviously ), Beer, War.
    dislikes``~ Chaos, demons, undead, Forsaken, Ogres, Orcs, Trolls, Spiders.
    strengths``~ Fierce fighting style, Heavy weapons, Speed and versatility, The Holy Light.
    weaknesses``~ Somewhat incomplete fighting style, Slow weapons, Vulnerability to heavy attacks, Vulnerability to shadow damage.
    habits/quirks``~ Drinking, Fighting, Keeping the peace, Community service.
    fears``~ Ogres, Giant Spiders.
    dreams``~ He's dreamt of having a normal life, two kids whom are twins and a wife who's not too pretty and not too ugly, a normal life.
    goals``~ His goals in life are becoming a Grand Marshal of Stormwind and leading an Army into victory at the gates of The Lich King himself, He also aims to become one with the Holy Light by stepping up from the paladin title and going to be a Templar, He's trained for many years and has yet to finish his Templar training
    secrets``~ Maellic keeps the fact that he's a Half elf a secret, he tries to do so by covering his ears are much as possible, thus why he fights with a cowl, or why his hair is so long.

    overall personality description +--

    (¯`mother·._ Ranger Silrina Catholine
    (¯`father·._ Hubert De Lalye
    (¯`close siblings·._ Morbus De Layle

    history +-- Maellic was born in a winter 20 years prior to the first war, in those twenty years he trained as a warrior, for paladins did not yet exist, in the first war, he fought in many battles as a footman, though he never got a shot at the good action, his battles where always reconnaissance missions or spying missions, he always served as a body for ambassadors and such, never really got much action. Maellic originally hails from Stormwind and with the destruction of Stormwind he followed Anduin Lothar and all the others who survived to Lordaeron, From there he moved to better battles, being deployed in Lothar's battle group, though Maellic always got the last part of the assault, Maellic felt unused and unwanted, so he asked for a transfer to another battle group, he was denied, he fought in the final war with the orcs in Blackrock Mountain bravely, as all the others had. By the second war, Maellic had already begun training as a paladin, and due to his status as an Squire he could not join his paladin bretheren in battle. The third war begun and Maellic this time was headfirst into combat! Joining alongside Uther now, he fought with confidence in the light, letting it guide him in the field of war, he began to enjoy war, He watched the tacticians carefully, and learned how to make his own tactics. He lived out his life as a paladins, the fifteen years of relative peace gave him time to do his research, he found an Old Argent dawn templar, A dwarf to be exact, he went to him seeking training, Maellic was asked to do the oddest of things, but Maellic wanted to use the light at it's fullest, he trained with the dwarf named Tigush Nullhammer treating him with respect and dignity.

    Regarding Maellic's Mother, Father and Brother, Maellics dad was a politician and noble of stormwind, respected by many and his wealth almost always got the best of him, in an ambassador trip to the lands of Quel'thalas his men where shot down by confused Rangers, most of his escort died, he of course had not been harmed, when the elves noticed they hadn't tusks they quickly went to apologize, there Hubert met Maellic's mother a high elven ranger, which he seemed to instantly fall inlove with, he attempted again and again to get her to notice him, but she was to enticed with her work as a ranger for a relationship, One winterveils however, Hubert tied gift ribbon around his head and went to her saying that he wanted to gift himself to her, She saw it as 'Cute' and attempted a relationship with him, the relationship sprouted quickly, she fell inlove with him aswell and they had a wedding, then they had there twin Babies, Maellic and Morbus. Morbus is the exact opposite of Maellic, Morbus lives to serve the Lich King and would gladly die for him, to be later raised as a Death Knight, Morbus, like his father rose to be a politician in Stormwind, but thats a whole other story.
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Maellic De Layle Catholine
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