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 Gaisha Skringarsh

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PostSubject: Gaisha Skringarsh   Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:11 pm


Last Name: Skringarsh

Title: (If you have one): None really... Though she personally likes to call herself the "She-Wolf of the
Frozen Wastes".

Faction: Mainly Horde, but neutral to everything else.

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Race: Orc

Status: Rogue used by Horde as either a conscript or for scouting missions.

Strengths: Able to give a relaxing mood to the area, trying to keep everyone's nerves at ease.

Weakness: Blood elves...

Habits/Quirks: Her monocle constantly zooms in and out. If someone is acting high and might, basically "snobbish", she'll try and kick them down a peg or two.

Body Art: Currently doesn't have any body arts such as tattoos or anything of the like... But is thinking about getting tattoos in a similar fashion like rune masters have the runes on them.

Character Description (As in, eye color, scars, etc.):
Being an orc rogue, Gaisha was forced to train to be sneaky and quiet, using her speed and muscles to her advantage. She's a lot more lanky than the rest of her fellow orcs, but don't let her size fool you lest you wish to eat a face full of steel. Her eyes a just a simple blue and her hair, tied up behind her head, is just a light brown.
She has scars here and there, no major ones around her body. Her personality can be simply described as "relaxed and recessive".
She doesn't do any more work than that is required and just "goes with the flow" when an event happens. Mainly just stays in the background, observing her surroundings and events for her own business but still maintains a strong duty for her friends, obviously. She speaks eloquently, using her brains and knowledge to end a fight before it even begins. She just likes to keep things simple, lucid, or manageable.

Character Background (History, in other words):
What can be said about her? She was born into the family of orcs and from the day that she was able to carry a sword, she was almost immedietly sent out to train by her two parents. Day in and day out, she would prepare and educate herself on the various forms of fighting using her fists, swords, daggers, and other weaponry that were available to her.
She really found herself accustomed to using just a dual set of daggers due to the quickness of them rather than heaving a large two handed weapon in her grip and brandishing around in such a fashion. But she really got into the "rogue" business when orcs would regale her with stories of Garona Halforcen, the legendary orc rogue that managed to sneak into the complex of Stormwind and assassinate King Llane. This brought inspiration to her and trained herself exhaustively until she could sprint for miles on end, disarm her opponents with simple ease, or even appear so quickly behind an opponent, it might seem like magic was helping her.

Clothing Style: Just like any rogue would, tight clothes that wrap around tightly along with any slits or pockets to hide any "suprises" she might have, such as throwing dirks or sticks of dynamite. She also clothes herself accordingly to the weather; so if she were in Northrend, she would wear a full white leather outfit to better hide herself in the snow. If she were in the steamy jungles of Stranglethorn, then she would wear either a dark green or black.

Specific Features: (( Sorry if this might seem like meta-gaming but this seemed like a good idea at the time.))
She constantly wears an engineering goggle that an unnamed gnome made for her. Though it might just be for looks only, it actually has the capabilities of zooming in and out so she can spot enemies at far distances. If the person she was looking at was a magic wielder and had an "aura" around them, she could possible detect the hints around them to see if they had a dark, red, light, blue, or other aura surrounding them.
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Gaisha Skringarsh
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