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 Nycite the Pure

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PostSubject: Nycite the Pure   Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:40 pm

Name.·• Nycite (mortal) Emethra (Draconic)
Nicknames.·• Ny, Nyc, or just Nycite
Age.·• 25 (mortal) 520 (Draconic)
Gender.·• Female
Status.·• Alive and kicking?

height ;;; 5'6 (mortal)
weight ;;; 105 (mortal)
build ;;; She is slim and muscular, rather thin.
hair ;;; Long and green while in Night Elf form, long and blonde while in High Elf and Blood elf form
eyes ;;; Green
body art ;;; A green tattoo above her eye, in the shape of a diamond
specific features ;;; She has a punture scar behind her neck, and a huge slash scar down her chest.
clothing style ;;; She prefers to wear natural colored clothing.
picture(s) ;;;

overall physical description +--

likes``~ She likes to be in places with many plants, she loves animals and caring people.
dislikes``~ Harmers of nature, and spiders.
strengths``~ She is a Green Wyrm, allowing her to have many strengths. She is
weaknesses``~ Her weakness is the Nightmare. She is vunerable to it's power due to the extensive sadness in her life, which has been eating away at her sanity for quite some time.
habits/quirks``~ One habit is to bit her lip when she is uncomfortable.
fears``~ She fears the Nightmare, having had many of her friends corrupted by it and them nearly killing her.
dreams``~ Her dream is to be able to one day live without fear, with the one she loves.
goals``~ Her goal is to purge the world of the Nightmare
secrets``~ She used to love Reven, and had since fallen for Ecrosetis. Recent events ahd

overall personality description +--

(¯`mother·._ Unknown
(¯`father·._ Unknown
(¯`close siblings·._ None.
(¯`others·._ A long lost daughter named Tanit

history +-- Nycite was born many years ago. Much of her past has been long forgotten, and merely a hundred years ago, her life was recorded. She met Ecrosetis, quickly befriending him. She shortly after met the Shattered Hourglass. Reven was in the guild at the time, and she quickly fell in love with him. He rejected her feelings, however before he did, she became close to the members of the guild. She has nearly died protecting the members of the guild, but she still protects them. Esarus had been with her, and she befriended him. She, Esarus, and her friend Vaeristraza fought the Nightmare together, however Vaeri and Esarus both fell to it's power. Nycite was nearly killed by the pair of them, and thus started her spiral into insanity. One of her kin was killed after laying eggs, and Nycite took over the nest. There were 12 eggs, and one by one they all died, until only one was left, Tanit. Nycite raised her from birth, and when Tanit dissapeared suddenly, Nycite's sanity was left hanging by a thread. That thread was quickly broken when she fell in love with Ecrosetis, and Ecrosetis nearly lost his mind. Nycite fell almost instantly to the Nightmare, where she begged Ecrosetis and his 'Blood Mage' for assistance, but Ecrosetis became untrustworthy of her, and despised the fact that she fell to the nightmare. Nycite left, where she was encountered by Revan and purified. She now lives in solitary, hiding in her house. Whenever she leaves it, she is hidden, unknown, by others.
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PostSubject: Re: Nycite the Pure   Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:50 pm

You didnt talk about Delatharis! Neutral
Great rp, btw Very Happy
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Nycite the Pure
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