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 Whitewave Family [Solar/Alyn/Baruin] [[ Updated! ]]

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PostSubject: Whitewave Family [Solar/Alyn/Baruin] [[ Updated! ]]   Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:15 pm

I thought I would fill in the general public about most of my characters. The Whitewave family is a long line of Demon-Blooded mortals, which started near the first invasion of Azeroth, from the Burning Legion. [[ UPDATED DUE TO RECENT EVENTS ]]


One may be wondering, why would a demonic family name, be "Whitewave"? The first being to inherit the name Whitewave, was a common form of the Man'ari Eredar, a Wrathguard. Grogorax, he was called. Grogorax served in the first invasion of Azeroth, under the command of Mannoroth The Destructor. Grogorax was a decent fighter, but melee combat was not his specialty. As you may or may not know, EVERY Wrathguard has the ability to conjure a 'Flame Wave', which is essentially a giant burst of fire. Grogorax was able to conjure a 'White' Flame Wave, the resulting heat would easily incinerate his enemies. Grogorax lived through the first invasion of Azeroth, and was casted back into the Nether along with Mannoroth and all his minions, by Cenarius. When Grogorax returned to the Nether, he mated with an unknown female, and they had a single child, Zoccorax.

The offspring of Grogorax, Zoccorax was a hot-headed, narrow-minded fool. When the legion returned to Azeroth, Zoccorax fought alongside his bretheren, who were still lead by Mannoroth. They ravaged through Kalimdor just as they did the ast invasion, killing and pillaging as they went. Zoccorax was quick to discover the 'Spoils of War', and the pillaging of Ashenvale and Felwood supplied the Demon Hordes with plenty of Elven prisoners. Zoccorax laid his seed in one of the prisoners, whos name is unknown, and the Kal'Dorei had his child. When Mannoroth was defeated by Thrall and Grom, Zoccorax remained on Azeroth, hidden in Ashenvale with his newborn. Zoccorax had killed the Kal'Dorei who beared his child, afew hours after the birth of his son. His son would be named, Solorax.

The son of Zoccorax, Solorax grew up with his father, hiding away most of his childhood. Solorax had many features of Kal'Dorei, from a distance, he could easily be mistaken as a normal Kal'Dorei. But in short distances, his horns, reversed knees, and hooves would signify he was.. Different. Solorax was the most brutal of the Whitewave family, and he would grow into a power hungry monster, soon enough. Eventually, Solorax felt the 'Sins of his Father', and when he was about 13 in Human years, Solorax snapped half of his right horn in-half, and slit his Father's throat with it as he slept, then quickly escaped the firey burst that was to follow Zoccorax's death. After this occured, Solorax lived his life without hiding, often getting into fights because of what he was. He was persued endlessly by the Native Kal'dorei, and he was even the subject of a Crusader's quest, before he incinerated him in a single Flame Wave. Solorax ran rampant, murdering and stealing as he went. Soon enough, a good portion of Ashenvale had grown tired of him.

Through his travels, which are barely considered travels, he came across many-a-woman, defiling them for his own self-pleasure. But one of them, a Kal'Dorei by the name of Aeloris Dawnleaf, attracted Solorax. She accepted him willingly, not much caring about his demonic appearance. And so the Whitewave bloodline goes on. Solorax and Aeloris give birth to a son, and they name him Solar. Solar is unlike his father, he only portraits a Kal'Dorei. Nothing about Solar looks demonic, but upon drawing his blood, he is easily detected. Solorax lived with his family for years from there, commiting a considerable amount LESS of crime. By the age of 32, (Human years), Solorax met his end. A group of zealous Kal'Dorei, led by a Demon Hunter, began to persue Solorax around every corner. They chased Solorax and his family all the way to Thousand Needles, cheating death at every turn. Eventually, the family was cornered, and the group quickly slew Solorax, the Demon Hunter had taken care of him easily. They slew Aeloris as well, but, out of pure cruelty, left Solar alive, alone in Thousand Needles at the age of 4.

Solar wandered his way around Thousand Needles at the age of 4, eating and scrounging what he could. It would not be long before Solar developed into an cunning hunter. Solar lived in the wilds for 7 years, and when he was nearly 12 years old, a group of Priests had discovered him. They scared Solar at first, but eventually he gave in. The Priests took him under their wing, teaching him the ways of the Light, and many noble teachings. Solar would develope into a decent priest at the age of 18, but something about him made the Priests question him. They knew something was strange with Solar, but they feared if they asked him, he would leave. But against their will, the Priests would eventaully find that Solar was indeed a Demon. They attempted to banish Solar into the Nether, but to their surprise, Solar would still conjure the White Flame Wave, and the wave was to be the Priests' final sight. The Flame Wave killed the 3 Priests almost instantly, an attack that Solar can only conjure out of sheer and utter last resort. Solar left the priests encampment, which was now located in the Sands of Tanaris, and set off to wander the sands, guilt and blood on his hands.

For years, Solar dwelled upon what he had done, and what he was beneath his skin. From this point on, Solar vowed to become a Demon Hunter, just like the one who had killed his Father. He set off on a long journey, back to Ashenvale. When Solar reached Ashenvale, about a year later, he was now 25 years old. Solar searched Ashenvale, Hyjal, and Felwood for a Demon Hunter. He found nothing for close to 2 years, until he stumbled upon a Demon Hunter in Felwood. He begged the Hunter for apprenticeship, and the Hunter hesitantly accepted. Something about Solar had risen the Hunter's curiosities. From there on, the 27 year old Solar went about training with his Master, who never shared with him his Name. He quickly learned, and went through the normal Demon Hunter rituals, which included gouging out his eyes, carving the Runes into his skin, and absorbing a Demon's power into his Glaives, which he had crafted himself. He absorbed a Wrathguard, which would increase his own power, due to the fact he was already a Wrathguard himself. His teacher quickly caught onto Solar, and tried to kill him, for deceiving him for so long. Solar and his Master fought for nearly 2 hours, until his Master finally got an edge over him. Before his Master could land the killing blow, the familiar White flames burtsed forth from Solar, utterly destroying his Master, basically dissolving him from the range of the Flame Wave.

From then on, Solar wandered the World, shunned by society for what he was. He mainly stayed around Tanaris, but he often made trips to Elwynn. On one of his many trips to the Human lands, Solar stumbled across the madness that was occuring inside the Stormwind Guard Barracks. He tried to stay out of it, but eventually he was forced to join in on the mess. Eventually, Solar had met a curious man, by the name of Jerok. Jerok introduced Solar into his soon-to-be family, The Shattered Hourglass. Solar remains in the Hourglass to this day, [ALTHOUGH THEY LEFT THE SERVER, AHEM.] his loyalty to them will remain. We will not dwell on The Hourglass, for it is secret. During this time, Solar had met many people, namely; Delesca, Regein, Reven[Teo], Jerok, Ecrosetis, Zaden, Atrix, Ivik, Desty, and others. Solar met Delesca in Gadgetzan, as she was watching an Arena Battle in the Center Ring. They quickly fell for eachother, and exchanged vows in marriage. They lived together on a Boat that Solar had forcefully taken from the Lost Rigger Cove, which was docked near the Huse of his closest friend, Regein. They lived a quiet life, aside from the.. 'Things' that occured there.

Solar and Delesca had two children, Alyn, and Baruin 3 years later. After his children were born, Solar went on with his life in the Hourglass. There was a time, where the Demonic energies inside him caught up with him, and twisted his mind. Solar was driven mad, and set out to his own doom, the Dark Portal. Solar fought a futile battle, slaying dozens of Felguards, but eventually being defeated by a Pit Lord. Solar would remain dead, until someone would call upon him.. Afew months later, the Scourge had attacked Goldshire, and nearly destroyed the entire town. Reven/Teo had called upon Solar, his power returned Solar from the dead. Together, what was left of the Hourglass fought against the Horde, along with the other defenders. Solar had kept his Holy powers to himself, and was able to boost Reven/Teo's already staggering power, into a large bolt of Holy Magic. The Bolt struck the Frost Wyrm who was in the center of the Chaos, and drove it off. [[ Believe what you want, that's what happened. Very Happy ]] The Scourge were defeated, and Solar lived on, in his new life. He now resides in Tanaris, or amongst the seas.

The firstborn and more responsible of the two sons, Alyn Whitewave was a model Son. He obeyed his mother and father, not once dissapointing them. He lived alongside the Hourglass, but was never really 'involved' in their doings. He chose not to deal with his Father's doings, because he did not believe in them. Nonetheless, his loyalty to his Father remained, and still does today. Unlike his father, and even his younger brother, Alyn could not assume his Demonic Form, or use the White Flame Wave. Instead, Alyn was a great melee fighter, and also a great Acrobat. Alyn was often seen climbing the buildings of SIlvermoon, and other major cities. Parkour was his hobby, fighting was his defense.

Learning of his Brother's death, Alyn immidiately went to Booty Bay. He now resides there, in search of his Father, and his Brother's murderers. He resides there today.

The hot-headed, incinerate first, ask questions later son of Solar. Baruin was unlike his Brother, he could assume his Demonic Form, and cast the White Flame Wave. Except there was something unique about Baruin, he could cast the White Flame Wave on command. Baruin does not know the signifigance of this attack, but he knows better not to misuse it, and will not use it without dire need. Baruin grew up in Tanaris, like his brother, but they both migrated to Silvermoon City. He spends most of his time at Silvermoon City, which is where he found his first job. Baruin was a Royal Guard in the court of Tzai, Regent Lord of Silvermoon. To his own surprise, an emissary of the newly emerged Old God, Ucun had contacted him. Baruin, and another Royal Guard, Tasferin, went through a portal, to the Throne of the Old God himself. Fighting would break out, an initiation, if you will. Tasferin fled, but Baruin remained, fighting the enormous, and terrifying Ecrosetis. Eventually, the battle had faded out, and Baruin agree'd to join the Old God, and his doings.

Baruin went on from there, joining the Dusk of Eternal Darkness. He went about doing what he needed to do, keeping his alleigence to U'cun a secret. He kept the secret well, and only until shortly before his death, he had kept it well. He made plenty of aquiantences here, Udnar, Katina, Valalerin, were really the only ones whom he actually liked. Baruin went through life this way taking the easy way out, doing the very minimum of what was needed from him, and he loved it. He was living life to the fullest, for a Demon. After afew months, Baruin started to frequently visit Booty Bay, where an entirely new tale would unfold itself.

In Booty Bay, Baruin met a whole slew of people, Gaisha and Hiamovi, were his favorites from here. He also came across a strange man named Crane here many'a'times.. A very, strange, strange man. [ <3 you Craney-poo. ] Soon enough, Baruin's true colors would be revealed, and the Dusk became aware of his betrayal. The Dusk's current leader, Athaniar confronted Baruin in the lair of the Old God. After a long battle between the two, Baruin became impatient, and assumed his mighty, inherited Demon Form. He cut Athaniar open like a sliced boar, but to his own surprise, Athaniar escaped. [ .. /sigh. ] After this, Baruin was to be exiled from the Dusk, which, in reality, he did not care much about.

Life went on for Baruin, slaving with Hiamovi. Until the two came across a rather curious Undead, and Human. The two new figures deceived Baruin and Hiamovi, quickly escalating into a battle. Hades and Darrin assaulted the two, but Baruin was easily able to keep the two away, Darrin being an ice-magic caster, and Hades being his [ Uh.. Swamp.. Lord.. Yeeaaaahhh... ]. Hades casted some form of paralyzing gas upon the two, and eventually it effected them both. Baruin was knocked out cold, and Hades finished him off with a powerful [ Attack..? ] to his chest. Baruin exploded in White Flames, and nearly incinerated Hades to a crisp, resulting in him now looking like a twisted version of [ The Emporer in Star Wars ]. Baruin's soul returned to the Nether, along with his forefathers. Perhaps some day.. The Old God shall return him to life? .. We all hope so!

Thanks for reading, if you did. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Whitewave Family [Solar/Alyn/Baruin] [[ Updated! ]]   Wed May 27, 2009 1:13 pm

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Whitewave Family [Solar/Alyn/Baruin] [[ Updated! ]]
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