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 Balian Turner

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PostSubject: Balian Turner   Thu Apr 09, 2009 6:30 pm

Name: Balian Turner
Faction: Alliance
Race: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6ft
Weight: 150lb
Status: Alive
Clothing: Plate, Gray Shirt, Robe

Character History: Balian come from a prestigious family at Stormwind. Most of his family has been in the military. He has two brothers in the navy and a sister in the Army. Balians father was usually deployed, but even so he knew his father well and was always happy when he came home. However his father died in the third war(I believe we are allowed to use WarCraft lore to a degree, but by all means correct me if i'm wrong), killed in battle. When Balian Turned 16 he followed his farthers footsteps and became a Paladin. The armour he wears is the same worn by his farther as well as his sword and shield. Balian's service record in the Azerothian Army is exemplorary as he exceeded in many battles, particullary against the Defias and the splinter factions of the Horde as well as Death Knights. When he was 22 he had a short relationship with Night Elf who was 22 years old by human standards who was assassinated by Assassins. Balian grieved for her shortly then with rage he hunted down the Assassins and killed them both. This he has hidden from his Paladin breatheren as Paladins are not supposed to allow to become bloodlusted. To this day that memory haunts him and he still grieves for his Night Elf girlfriend.

Personality: Balian is highly intelligent. He asks many questions and always wants to learn more. He is brave and since due to his recent loss he preferes to keeps his companions safe and sacrafice himself. If he knows they will be captured he will retreat and free them later. He also strategizes should the situation call for it. He has good intuition and is usually right when people are lying to him. He is a chivalrous person and honourable man but will abandon his chivalary and honour in a fight.

Weaknesses: Due to his recent loss if a Death Knight where to kill one of his companions and knock them out so it seems so Balian will become enraged. This will allow the Death Knight to beat down Balian and turn him into a Death Knight. Should this happen only his campions that are still alive can save him and brink him back from the realm of death knights to and back to his Paladin Status.

Likes: Balian prefers peace instead of violence but will fight as a last resort or when it comes to it. Helpings others, food, honour and chivalry.

Dislikes: Mistrustful Blood Elves, Undead, Horde Defias, Horde Splinter Factions, Death Knights

Secret: His recent loss, what he did to the Assassins and his weakness.
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Balian Turner
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