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 Syran's Profile.

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PostSubject: Syran's Profile.   Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:58 am

Yeah..I haven't even remade this character yet (Well, just now I did) Let's see how this works out..


Name.·• Syran (Forgot Last name, yeah, curse me.)
Nicknames.·• Sy. Syr.
Age.·• 14 - 17 or so in Human years I believe. Timeline's mixed up.
Gender.·• Male.
Status.·• Alive

height ;;; 6'9
weight ;;; ~Shrug~
build ;;;
hair ;;; Orange-yellow, his hair comes down between his shoulder and a small bit is going down from the back.
eyes ;;; Fel Green.
body art ;;;
specific features ;;; He has a wicked scar down his head, no doubt made by some kind of blade, he apart from that looks like any blood elf.
clothing style ;;; He usually, as a child wore a simple red shirt, short-black leather pants and leather boots -- Currently he mostly wears his cloth blues robes, sticks with black leather boots and cloth handwraps from the same material as the robe.
picture(s) ;;;

overall physical description +--

likes``~ Tough question.. He very much likes to study Arcane like a mad-man. He was gasping and shocked each time he learned of a new spell.
dislikes``~ He very much dislikes everything related to Outland. Been Kael'thas' Platotons that murdered his family and all his close-kin.
strengths``~ He is quick-minded and does ihs best to find new ways to cast his spells quicker, and more effective.
weaknesses``~ He is extremely weak with a sword, he can barely walk two steps with it without losing balance. Or pretty much any weapon apart from a Staff.
habits/quirks``~ Quirks..once again, what's that? Habits; Studying Magic again and again.
fears``~ He fears Kael'thas as if Nightmare itself. He fears mostly the Sin'dorei of Tempest Keep.
dreams``~ Will not disclose 'ere.
goals``~ Will not disclose 'ere
secrets``~ Will not disclose 'ere.

overall personality description +--

(¯`mother·._ Unkown, slaughtered.
(¯`father·._ Unkown, Slaughtered.
(¯`close siblings·._ Unkown, slaughtered.
(¯`others·._ Eldre'than, slaughtered by The Scourge.

history +--

Name: Syran

Last Name: Curse me.

Title: (If you have one): Mage

Faction: The Horde, Silvermoon.

Race: Blood Elf.

Character Description (As in, eye color, scars, etc.):

He has a wicked scar down his head, no doubt made by some kind of blade, he apart from that looks like any blood elf.

Character Background (History, in other words):

So much long ago, Syran was part of the Caravan of more knowing of the danger of Kael'thas. All Syran's close-kin apart from those like Eldre'than in sIlvermoon fled. Kael'thas agents followed them, unallowing for even a single soul to betray his order.

Syran was in the Caravan when he heared the screams of terror, a Blood Elve blade pierced the caravan, all his close-kin where out in arms..One of the blade pierced the caravan touched the back of ihs head, making a long scar.

He leaped from where he was hideen, eying the half-opened door..And from it charged five Blood elves killing everyboddy inside the Caravan, he was smashed and crashed in the wal, falling unconcious. The Caravan itself fell apart ,half-burying him but yet secrecting him.

Having his own little-bubble of air that in some time will end, he heard groans..and a smash. From there, he was taken by five people. Three Elves and two humans investigating the Caravan. They where hafl-way in Elwynn, almost in Westfall. There, he was taken to Silvermoon, where all his close-kin failed.

He was introduced to his uncle, Eldre'than. He was taken into one of the homes in Silvermoon -- Later, he learned of his uncle's death and the utter destruction of the Lich King. At one time, he along with another Blood elf child and a Troll caused such devestation in the Tavern, he was greatly punished. He studied magic like a paranoid in his punishment, sometimes sneaking out to grab books and learn and learn. Years later, he left Silvermoon and joined the Kirin Tor to save Magicc, he most hates Malygos for ever daring to this Magic is only his own.

Now, he is part of the Sunreavers and currently is stationed at his room ,continuing to learn about magic and to assist the Kirin Tor and Sunreavers.

Other: Syran's location is mostly found in Dalaran.

Character Screenshot (Maximume of two): None yet.

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Syran's Profile.
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