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 Revan ''The Eagle'' Shadowblade

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PostSubject: Revan ''The Eagle'' Shadowblade   Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:48 am

Name.·• Ansem Shadowblade
Nicknames.·• Ans
Age.·• 20
Gender.·• Male
Status.·• Alive, onboard the Rainbringer

height ;;; 195 cm
weight ;;; 58 kg
build ;;; Athletic, muscular
hair ;;; Black/Brown
eyes ;;; Blue
body art ;;; Scars on his back, one going across his left eye. A tattoo of a snake around his arm, and an eagle on his back.
specific features ;;; He has his hair in a ponytail, rare ocassions he has it hang loose.
clothing style ;;; Dark clothes, mostly a hood up. Assassin's Creed style clothes during assassination. Long coats when onboard the ship.
picture(s) ;;;

overall physical description +-- Muscular and athletic.

likes``~ His airship (The Rainbringer), food, women, killing people, Money.
dislikes``~ People not following his orders, assassinations gone bad, Scourge.
strengths``~ Blades, negotiating, issuing orders, morale, fighting, blade-fighting, shooting, Paranoid.
weaknesses``~ Undead, Hammers, Axes, Dragons, powerfull magic, mounted combat, Paranoid.
habits/quirks``~ Sends scouts to look for certain places/artifacts, sending his ship somewhere else, Paranoid.
fears``~ Destruction of his ship(s), betrayal.
dreams``~ Endless money, reunion with his father and mother.
goals``~ Destruction of the Scourge.
secrets``~ Many, you'll have to find out in the game itself.

overall personality description +-- Sneaky, friendly, crazed(sometimes).

(¯`mother·._ Avalia
(¯`father·._ Geranos Shadowblade
(¯`close siblings·._ one unnamed sibling.
(¯`others·._ Alyssa (Good friend)

history +-- Will be here soon. Have patience.
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Revan ''The Eagle'' Shadowblade
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