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 The Tainted Son, Typhon Valkamph

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PostSubject: The Tainted Son, Typhon Valkamph   Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:57 pm

Name: Typhon
Last Name: Valker-Tenormaleth [self-stated as 'Valkamph']
Title: The Tainted Son
Faction: Allied with the Horde
Race: Tainted High Elf
Character Description:
Typhon stands at an abnormal height of 6'7" He looks like the normal everyday Blood Elf you would see walking around Silvermoon City. His golden-red hair was cut short and spiked back. His eyes glowed a much darker green than most of the Blood Elves, easily noticed, but dismissed as being one of the more Fel-Afflicted Elves of the Race. He had spent many of his years training in both Magics and in Stealth and the arts of the Shadows, changing the way he looked a bit. Due to his adept magical training, and birth rite as a Sorcerer, his skin would glow a bit if he concentrated upon something, or the veins of Magic running the length of his body would show through like an immensely intricate rune. While the physical training made him lithe and well toned, giving him both deft movements, everything was measured in advanced, while strengthening his sight, his gaze, even though undecipherable like the rest of his race, had a sort of ..... daunting quality to it, It could be felt, rather than seen. He had no tattoos, and no markings upon his body, knowing when to fight, and when to retreat.
Character Background (History, in other words):
Typhon was born in the Sunwell Grove, to one of the Guardian Families, nothing notable, much of the race was charged with this. When he was young, maybe 30 - 35, His friends made him a bet, saying that he was too chicken to go up to the Sunwell, And as most Youths at that age would, he blatantly told them he could, and would do it. That day was slow, definitely odd, but not unheard of. The guards were starting to doze, the calm weather, the ambiance, even the splash of water seemed to have a hypnotic effect on everyone. The Watcher had retired earlier, saying it was 'That day' again, The guards strained to keep from fainting. As Typhon slipped from shadow to shadow he drew upon the Sunwell's housing, the guards seemed to have already been dozing. A sly smirk drew across his face, staring from one of his friends to another, Having known both guards since birth, he grabbed the lute at his side, taking a steadying breath and began playing a lullaby, Having been told this was the one that their parents had used to put them to sleep as babes. He smirked broadly as the two nearly collapsed, laying back against the wall and sliding down to begin snoring softly. "Nows the chance" Typhon chuckled softly to himself, slipping through the archway, and around the corner only to find that his song had put 4 more guards to sleep, each grouped in sets of two and sitting back to back, or side to side, in the middle of the grass. One seemed to be drooling and twitching in his sleep, his partner was collapsed weakly on his shoulder. Typhon smiled and shook his head, slipping quickly through the courtyard and into the main room, blinking and tilting his head at the ramp. He glanced from side to side, frowning "Something isn't Right, Shouldn't the well have a hundred guards around it?" He spoke softly to himself, slipping down the ramp quickly and looking around as he neared the 'Well. He frowned again, looking at the waters, which roiled and rolled agitatedly, almost as if they were a bundle of snakes that had been prodded with a sharp stick. He couldn't tear his eyes away, his feet began moving on their own, The Well seemed to be calling out to him, the voice was seductive, un-ignorable. He finally caught himself, just an inch short of teetering off the edge and into the unsteady waters, It was already too late, his footing slipped on something, The top of his body fell forward as his feet slipped back and up. At the last second he felt a strong hand grip his foot, the right side of his cheek hit the water, a single cut had been opened on his face, the water splashed and entered the wound, literally fusing with his Physical Body, and his Magical Energies, changing him irreversibly for the rest of his life. The Watcher frowned, pulling Typhon up and cradling the small form to him.
"Typhon" The Watcher said softly, he frowned at Typhon, the boys form had suffered from the contact with the Well, sending him into a forced coma, the pure shock of such a powerful link should have killed him. The Watcher frowned and took Typhon up to the secret room in the back of the Watcher's Tower.
For nearly a hundred years Typhon did not wake, his body continued to change and grow faster and more than normal. His body had seemed physically responsive during the coma, if someone were to touch his skin he would attempt to reach out to them, his arm falling limp at his side within moments. IF someone spoke his name, his ears would twitch. If he was smacked or hit he would utter a grunt of pain.
As the years went on, somehow, his muscles remained as lithe and toned as ever. Within days of coming out of his coma he had finally convinced his 'Father' the Watcher, to allow him to begin training. His parents had died, being executed for treason, having attempted to give away the location of the Sunwell to the Humans. The newer points of his life we relatively unknown or Non-notable, being Darker work for one organization or another, or normal work. Currently he resides in Silvermoon, working as a Tanner and a Leather worker, It's a living
Typhon is a Night Blade, a volatile, and powerful, combination between a Sorcerer and a Rogue/Assassin/thief. He has a proficient grip over Illusion, most notably a Chameleon spell that allows him to blend in with his environment. He can cast Destruction spells, along with some minor healing spells. He is an okay alchemist, able to brew a good potion/poison should the need arise. Knows a few Alteration spells, and some Mysticism, No Conjuration, however. [yes, i know it came from Elder Scrolls, but i needed a thing to separate the spell casting into

Name.·• Typhon Valker-Tenormaleth [self-stated as 'Valkamph']
Nicknames.·• Typhon, Typhoon, Tick, Tic, Sylar, Arsen, Saren, Sairen
Age.·• 127
Gender.·• Male
Status.·• Full Health, still being normal-ish

height ;;; 6' 7"
weight ;;; 165
build ;;; Lithe and Athletic.... good reference would be CM Punk
hair ;;; Blonde/Golden + Blood Red
eyes ;;; Dark Green
body art ;;; None there physically, but when he begins casting a spell the magic in his body manifests to the likeness of a large Tribal Tattoo or a Rune, covering nearly all of his body
specific features ;;; No special features other than the Mana Tattoos
clothing style ;;; Nothing majorly extravagant, no Regal outfits, or battle outfits worn all the time, but they are kept close by should the need arise

likes``~ Apples, Smithing new weapons or armor, Fletching arrows, doing work that actually has a physical accomplishment
dislikes``~ Fighting, Loss of Friends, Forgetting to eat lunch, being stabbed, being licked by random murlocs
strengths``~ Hes a Spellblade, and a relatively peaceful character, he saves alot of energy for a fight, hitting fast, and hard, with highly considered actions.
weaknesses``~ Same as Strength, hes a Peaceful person, good humor, but once angered he hides it by analyzing things, sometimes over analyzing and loosing his oppritune moment
habits/quirks``~ Has a habit of forgetting where he was, or what he was doing, Usually will retrace his steps, or forget he had asked someone something
fears``~ Like most beings, he has the fear of disappointing people he has connected with, The Fear of failing, the Fear of being alone

(¯`mother·._ Sierral Ashna Valker
(¯`father·._ Sethnal Tenormaleth
(¯`close siblings·._ No real siblings, but considers Tasferin Felwyn and Ark'Theras brothers
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The Tainted Son, Typhon Valkamph
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