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 Vnorael Bonesmasher.

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PostSubject: Vnorael Bonesmasher.   Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:12 pm

Character Full name: Vnorael Bonesmasher.
Race: Half-orc, Half-ogre.
Affiliations: The Horde.
Faith: Hammers are good for smashing.
Physical Description: Vnorael stands at almost eight feet tall, his skin is deep emerald, like the rest of the Orcs, however, his build betrays his Ogre heritage. His shoulders are much broader than those of a normal orcs. And his corded muscles bulge to an extent most orcs can only gawk at. He's got hundreds of healed-over scars covering his body.
Personality: Vnorael doesn't like much of anything. He doesn't like Blood Elves, he doesn't like Undead, he's neutral toward the rest of the Horde, and he hates all of the races of the Alliance, and pretty much everything else. If it's in his way, or annoying him. He smashes it. Without thinking. If he's in battle, he's an utter berserker. He doesn't care how many times he gets hit, or what he has to go through. If it's in his way, it's dead/destroyed.
Character History: Vnorael was born on Draenor, and fought in all three wars. He's wandered around as a mercenary ever since. That's . . . Well, pretty much it. He's a simple character with a simple backstory.
Hobbies: Smashing, bashing, and more smashing.
Possessions: Bonecrusher, and Earthbreaker. His two enchanted Ogre Warmauls.
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Vnorael Bonesmasher.
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