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 Klodin Stoutarm

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PostSubject: Klodin Stoutarm   Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:53 am

Name.·• Klodin Stoutarm
Nicknames.·• Pegleg
Age.·• 85
Gender.·• Male

height ;;; 4'2
weight ;;; 180lbs
build ;;; Muscular, regular Dwarven build
hair ;;; Thick black hair running to his shoulders
eyes ;;; Hazel
body art ;;; None
specific features ;;;
clothing style ;;; Leathers, thick cloak, can sometimes be seen wearing a hat. Hooded on rare occasions.

overall physical description +-- Klodin isn't too distinctive on a physical level. Like all (Or most, at least) Dwarves, he has a beard that he keeps relativley short or 'out of the way' as he would put it. He is as strong as any other Dwarf would be, the muscle in his shoulders would probably be the only thing that would stand out. His large scoped rifle strapped to his back and his leather attire would normally give the impression he would be a rifleman.

likes``~ Anything valuable/has alcohol in it, Women, travelling, his flying machine
dislikes``~ Most Elves, Dragons, Undead (Exceptions made to most Forsaken), Death Knights
strengths``~ Combat at range due to his skill with a rifle and navigating.
weaknesses``~ Close quarters combat while the opposition has anything sharp. Public speaking has also been quite a problem with Klodin, as he tends to give the impression of him not caring about anything but money.
fears``~ Klodin has always feared anything remotely similar to an insect (He has not yet come across a silithid). He can never tell which will bite/swarm him or which will steal his lunch.
dreams``~ Owning his own caravan of people to travel around the world.
goals``~ Getting enough money for a boat to Kalimdor.
secrets``~ None.

overall personality description +-- Klodin is a generally likeable guy to anyone not Elven. He rarely gets angry and enjoys a good laugh. Though he still hates them, he still has a reasonable level of respect for them in some certain situations. At times he can be seen as greedy or desparate. This normally happens when he panics.

history +-- Klodin was born in the town of Thelsamar. At the age of 20, he was brought up North to the Stonewrought Dam where he would help his Father supervise the work going on there. His Father would often take him boar hunting which led to his future job as a rifleman at 30. Deciding he needed the extra money, he put himself up to supervise (With a pay this time) the construction of the upper parts of the dam.

Nothing important happened until he was around 37 where his father was allowed to leave for home and Klodin would no longer be needed there. Seeing the opportunity to take off, he did so, buying a map and a new, more powerful rifle leaving him with enough to leave. From there he has been seen in a number of lines of work, all in hope of leaving for the other side of the world he had heard so many stories of.

(( Thanks for reading Smile. Sorry about the history being so short, I put in as much as I can remember from my profile in Azshara ))
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Klodin Stoutarm
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