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 Roderick Dumontre

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PostSubject: Roderick Dumontre   Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:21 am

    Name.·• Roderick Dumont
    Nicknames.·• Rode, the Boss
    Age.·• 36
    Gender.·• Male
    Status.·• Leader of the Defias Brotherhood

    height ;;; 5'9''
    weight ;;; 177 lbs.
    build ;;; Muscular and strong, with a built body for melee combat and strength all-around.
    hair ;;; Jet-Black foxtail
    eyes ;;; Burgundy, although when he is enraged then become darker, nearly black as coal.
    body art ;;; He has the symbol of the Defias Brotherhood branded on his back, that stretched
    specific features ;;; As seen by the pictures, Roderick has an incredible-amount of scars near his right eyes. Nearly all of them were obtained from one incident in Stranglethorn Vale; he doesn't like to talk about it but if your lucky he might share it. Apart from that, the one above his eyebrow he obtained when engaged in Brotherhood Combat with Nilas Dawnsheath for control of the Defias after VanCleef's downfall. These scars have healed over time, but the mark still remains as a reminder of his past failures.
    clothing style ;;; Roderick prefers to wear bulky yet flexible armour that can support a variety of unique movements. He crafted his own armor especially because of his specific requirements, and he has wore the same armor for nearly 10 years; the armor is navy-blue with golden-trim, similar to the Stormshroud armour that VanCleef wore. It was customary for the leader to wear such armor, and he hasn't broke this tradition yet. This armor makes him more noble-looking; the irony is obvious as he is a scoundrel, smuggler and murderer.

    overall physical description +-- When you stare into his dark eyes, you see a cold and calculating man. Just standing in this man's presence, you can hear the screams of his victims as they died slow, painful and agonizing deaths. His facial features are rough, appearing as if from years of war and excruciating battles. He is the visage of an assassin - rough yet lightweight; powerful yet stealthy at the same time.

    likes``~ He is obsessed with power and bringing the Defias into a new age of dominant force. Apart from that, he enjoys friendly duels and explaining the history of the Brotherhood to newer initiates. Reading has been a passion of his, but he occasionally will write inside his journal to release anger and rage that normally would be bottled up. Women, of course, have always been a fond pleasure of his, as most men.

    dislikes``~ Roderick despises the city of Stormwind - the burning flame in his heart that fueled this hatred is one of the many reasons he was elected as the Kingpin of the Defias Brotherhood. He dislikes the ignorant, the weak and the merciful. His motto for mercy is 'those who beg for mercy, don't deserve it.' His biggest pet peeve is obviously traitorous dogs, and he'll personally see that their lives are cut-short by his blades.

    strengths``~ Roderick is an extremely good speaker; he can move audiences, motivate troops and overall inspire people to go above the call of duty and work their very best. This is an extremely rare trait inside the Defias ranks, especially when your working with scoundrels and mercenaries. He is a master of sublety, and prefers to take more strategized and methodical steps towards eliminating a target. Using this innate ability, he can take out whole squadrons of Stormwind soldiers without raising an alarm. He is a master of the sword, preferring the length rather than the speed of a weapon. He believes that, if your blade can reach your enemy reach, you'll succeed quicker than several smaller wounds. He wields two twin-blades, ideal for speed and broad-accuracy; they are the exact replica of the Cruel Barb - VanCleef's prized weapon. However, an extra serrated edge was added for easy movement.

    weaknesses``~ Roderick's pride is his worst enemy; he is too stubborn to admit defeat and will most likely fight until he is either dead, or unconciouss.

    fears``~ His fear of losing power is the major one; he can't even begin to think about his life without his status and power in-tow.

    dreams``~ His dreams are simple; to eradicate Stormwind and send the forces of the Defias Brotherhood into a new era of conquest and dominance. He'll do anything, at any cost, to bring his people into the new generation on top, even if it meant selling his soul to do so.

    goals``~ First, his goal is to move his people out of the underground-sanctum known as the Deadmines. He doesn't believe they should be cooped up inside the base any longer; he wishes to expand, and push the Brotherhood's persuasion further out and into Elywynn. His first major objective is to seize and take control of the major Alliance base in Westfall, Sentinel Hill.

    secrets``~ Roderick's secrets are many, and none are shared in this character profile. If you want them, you'll have to share them inside the game.

    overall personality description +-- He is cold, calculating and unmerciful. Just standing in his presence makes you feel more powerful, more secure and ruthless. He is persuasive, both physically and mentally. Diagnosed with manic depression, Roderick will seem perfectly calm at one end and then at another, be angry enough to stab his best friend's heart. He's never shown an ounce of mercy to any of his foes, and when his time comes he won't beg for mercy. He is a wolf; hungry for blood, yet tactical and strategic in the way he hunts for it. He shows no obvious sense of fairplay, and will do or say anything to get what his people want. His personality is odd, yet sure.

    (¯`mother·._ Elizabeth Dumontre
    (¯`father·._ Kane Dumontre

    history +-- The history will come tomorrow. I need to go to bed for now.


    Quote :
    In a fearsome battle atop the juggernaut, the Alliance operatives slew VanCleef, ending a great threat to the security of Stormwind. Yet they were left with the disconcerting worry that not all matters with the Brotherhood were yet resolved, including the question of the corrupt nobles of the human capital city. Subsequent events would prove that despite VanCleef's death, the plans of the Defias Brotherhood were far from finished.

    We have returned. And the kingdom of Stormwind will fall before the might of the Brotherhood.
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Roderick Dumontre
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