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 Zarissa Heartstone

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PostSubject: Zarissa Heartstone   Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:27 pm

    Name.·• Zarissa Heartstone
    Nicknames.·• Zare, Zarey and Zarry
    Age.·• 105
    Gender.·• Female
    Status.·• Assassin of the Sweeping Blade

    height ;;; 6'1''
    weight ;;; 143 lbs.
    build ;;; Slim and athletic; body built for running and stealthy operations.
    hair ;;; Long, jet black locks that roll down to her chest.
    eyes ;;; Emerald Green
    body art ;;; Only a small tatoo of the Sweeping Blade crest along her stomach, which was branded there when she was inducted into their ranks.
    specific features ;;;
    clothing style ;;; As in assassin, Zarissa prefers skintight armor that is made from durable yet flexible material. Currently, she wears a combination of silver and black Shadowcraft armor, which she rarely removes unless her missions called for a disguise; occasionally she'll don the mask but doesn't prefer it because she can easily change appearances quickly. She hates anything regarding a robe, but will wear one if the mission required it.

    overall physical description +-- Overall, Zarissa is beautiful. Her skin is flawless, tanned inside the sun's light to accent her emerald eyes and coal-black hair. She uses these gifts to her advantage, often wooing her targets into a false sense of security before eliminating them - it makes the job so much easier. Her body is formed like an hourglass, the armor she wears hugging it tightly as a show of her physical strength.

    likes``~ Winning, completing missions without much damage, gaining the upper-hand in combat; aside from violent things, she enjoys reading quite alot, along with practicing her bow skills.
    dislikes``~ Losing, ignorance, inability to gain the upper-hand, failing missions and overall failure in it's essence.
    strengths``~ Stealth-attacks, her agile-movements, along with her beautiful looks have allowed her to gain the upper-hand on nearly everything from interoggation to physical attacks.
    weaknesses``~ Brute strength, usually against a larger-foe. Any sort of two-handed sword, as her strength isn't enough to repel that certain metal. Also, she has become known as a 'sore-loser' throughout the years.
    fears``~ Arachnophobia; Thantophobia; along with those, she is deathly afraid of the undead.
    dreams``~ To assassinate a high-ranking official has been her prime assassin's dream. The next would be to settle down with a husband and own her own house, possibly have a few children and forget this assassin business ever happened.
    goals``~ Her major liftime goal is to settle down with a family, forget her assasination business and never speak of it again. She longs for peace and quiet, away from the screams of her former enemies as they died. She just wants to forget it all, but for now she must continue with this reckless life of murder and secrecy.
    secrets``~ Her exile from Silvermoon is one of her major ones; however, she is a rogue so obviously she would have many secrets locked within her strong-willed mind.

    overall personality description +-- Will come soon. Sorry, this was a bit of a quicky.

    history +-- Zarissa prefers to keep her history locked away inside her mind. All that most people know is her Exile, and the fact that she was abused by her father when she was young. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father turned to alchohol and bloodthistle for support.

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Zarissa Heartstone
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