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 Nilas Dawnsheath

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PostSubject: Nilas Dawnsheath   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:53 pm

Nilas Dawnsheath, the Voice of Freedom

    Name.·• Nilas Dawnsheath
    Nicknames.·• Nile
    Age.·• 145
    Gender.·• Male
    Status.·• Junior Politician

    height ;;; 6'4''
    weight ;;; 152 pounds
    build ;;; Slim, lithe and agile yet hidden muscular strength.
    hair ;;; Yellow ponytail that stretches to chest, always kept clean and neat.
    eyes ;;; Light green, like an emerald.
    clothing style ;;; Although upper-class in the Silvermoon hierarchy, Nilas prefers to wear simple-garbs. He believes in comfort over conformity, and will tend to wear practically anything that suits him unless inside a council meeting or politic-debate, in which he will don his ceremonial red and gold robes, carefully tailored to his specifications. His cloak, a sanguine and golden-trimmed cloak flows behind him in the only real symbol of his status.

    overall physical description +-- Overall, Nilas is frail compared to most of his Sin'dorei warrior brethen. He appears more as a mage, except without the magical strength they seem to emit. Although muscular, he isn't strong at all and can barely lift something as heavy as a wooden beam, obviously unlike most other Sin'dorei. His face is smooth and shaven, nearly flawless except for the small scar across his lower-jaw. He has no traces of battle-scars, nor anything else related to combat. This lithe-form, however, allows him to run incredibly fast and has held the record for fastest runner in Silvermoon for nearly three years; he may be a politician, but he still does fun things!

    likes``~ Books, knowledge, politics and getting into arguments.
    dislikes``~ Group-arguments, cursing, crime, corruption and shouting matches. He also detests violence even though he will resort to it, being it the last option.
    strengths``~ Wordplay, talking down an opponent and negotiating. Also, public-speaking is one of his strong suits.
    weaknesses``~ Nilas hates and despises group arguments, aside from calm roundtable discussions. His voice isn't suited for the loudmouth discussions.
    habits/quirks``~ He tends to read alot. Even when he is talking, he can focus on both the spoken and written word better than he could with just one. He loves chewing on the ends of quill and any sort of writing utensil, and tends to bite his lower-lip whenever he is deep in thought. When stressed or annoyed, people will become obvious to the fact when his eye twitches oddly.

    fears``~ He is terrified of seeing himself as a failure in his people's eyes. Silvermoon has trusted him for dozens of years, however he still has the fear of ultimate failure in the back of his mind. Aside from that, he has Arachnophobia and Thantophobia - the fear of dying.
    dreams``~ The dream of becoming leader of Silvermoon has been inside his mind since he was a child - he really wants to help his people becoming free from their magical-addiction, and he believes that, if elected he would have the answer. However, this would take many years of hard-work and support from his people, and he intends to gain just that.
    goals``~ Again, his goal is to save his people from their addiction as the new ruler of Silvermoon.
    secrets``~ His sexuality really isn't a secret, however he doesn't publicly announce it unless absolutely necessary. Most people, however, already know about his bisexuality.

    overall personality description +-- Nilas is the voice of Sin'dorei freedom. To his friends and allies, he radiates compassion, charisma, silent strength and a caring heart. To his political adversaries, he is ruthless, tactical and unrelenting. These characteristics have brought him as far as he has come and he intends to keep on doing what he is doing. He is loyal and trustworthy, and has surprisingly been immune to the stereotypical corrupion most politicians succumb to.

    (( History will come shortly. I've been working on this character for a number of weeks and I'm excited to finally get to put him to some use. ))

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Nilas Dawnsheath
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