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 Deaysat the abandoned

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PostSubject: Deaysat the abandoned   Thu Apr 02, 2009 10:47 am

Name: Daeysat
Title: (If you have one): The expelled
Race: Jungle troll
Character Description (As in, eye color, scars, etc.): seven feet in height and two hundred pounds in weight
Daeysat got black, deep eyes, red hair and long sharp tusks, with scratchses on it. He has ligh blue skin. He has two major wounds on his body. One horizontal on the stomach and one vertical on the back.He is wearing a bandage over them, cause the wound open from time to time and he needs to rest.
Character Background (History, in other words): Born in Stranglethorn Vale. Eaven as a child, he never made friends. He yust wanted to be in the company of a joung wolf named Setc. Setc and Deaysat bond was so hard they never went apart. One day Setc disapered, and in one year time, Deaysat discovered, that Setc was wery sick,but he left a baby wolf behind. Daeysat sweared that he will protect the baby wolf at all cost.
But when he became 17 a group of bandits, who kidnaped Deaysat and three others. Two years they work as slaves, but then he made a resistance wich let the other escaped, but payed the ultimate price. He got tortuned and straved, and made the frist scar on the back. They broth a warlock, who posioned his blood. He was judged to die, but then the warlock showed some pity, pured some of the blood, but couldnt cure the whole, so he transfered some of the sicness to the joung wolf. That made that both survived. Now he wanders through Azeroth, searching for the cure. In time, the wolf got obsessed, and atacked Deaysat, while he slept. Thats how he got the second scar on the stomach. He refused to abandon the wolf wich made the whole tribe hostile tovards him and exppeled him. With no firends, relatives and family, he wonders the wilds with his wolf by his side.

P.S Im sorry for the grammar mistakes. lol!

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PostSubject: Re: Deaysat the abandoned   Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:58 am

Im going to continiue the story from where I ended, and the events described here are the events who allready passed IC.


One night, the wolf and the sickness were to mutch, on the second full moon, near the lake of moonglade, the wolf made the last breath. Deays went and buried the wolfs corpse back on his birthplace, Stranglethorn Vale
With no idea what to do next, he walked trough Durotar, and finnaly meet one bright light in his life. His mentor, protector and good friend Ark. He talked with Deays and promised him protection, information and shelter in the guild Black Rain. He bacame a spy and made several good missions. In the guild, he made good friends with the dwarf Klodin, and blood elf Demulon.The leader of Black rain,Revan, saw potential in Deaysat and proclaimed him to the leader of the honor guards. Time passed, and missions went well, but there is allways an end. In the fight with Ectro and Grim, Deaysat lost his left arm, trying to protect Revan.
In the mean time, Ark went suspicious on Revan, leaved the black rain, and soon Deays made the same. Why? Two things,first to regenerate his left arm, Deays needed powers beyond of those he was possesing now. He seeked the power of the voodoo. He became a powerfull witch doctor. His teacher was impresed, cause he had great potential. He became a witch doctor, and leaved behind his gifts of spying, no longer usefull in black rain. The second was an oath given to Ark.To never betray him, and to stay loyal.

So now Deays is a crazy witch doctor, who is curently seeking a voluentier to test his potions on.He beacame a great potioner, hex master and is a veteran at mumblening.

Now , you can see him walking around, with his pet frog,Mojo.

likes``~ Cookies, womans, potions, trolls, good friends, delitious food,shrunken heads, animal parts.FROGS!!
dislikes``~ Vegetables, traitors, cold, the color black, animals who like eating frogs,
strengths``~ Good trained in skills, a arsenal of skil,s each more powerfull than the last, but his greatest powers are yet to be seen.
weaknesses``~ Mele combat, powerfull mele attacks, cold strikes,
habits/quirks``~ He mumbles some not understandable words most of the time, walking long distances, making potions, and if you are worthy in his eyes, maybe he will bless you with a spell, or prediction...
fears``~ to get betrayed by a good firend, to see Mojo killed, to run out of shrunken heads,
dreams``~ to find the person responsible for the death of his wolf, and his two wounds,
goals``~ Revenge his wolf, and become a powerfull witch doctor.
secrets``~ many of them, I am gona tell yust one:
- he yust want to be loved, to to feel that he bellongs somewhere, cause everywhere he goes, betrayal follows

P.S.S : again I am sorry for the grammar
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Deaysat the abandoned
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