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PostSubject: Reagrealmer   Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:24 pm

Full Name: Reagrealmer
Class: Warlock
Title: none
Race: Blood elf
Age: 125
Height: 6'2
Weight: 112 L.B.
Eye-color: dull Green
Hair-color: Scarlet
Religion or Beliefs: Currently that his god is an eredar and that they are the creators of life as well as bringers of death
Affiliations: The Blood elves and the horde (loosely)
Profession: None as of now
Physical Appearance: Bags under his eyes, looks lifeless, almost skeleton like
Tattoos, scars, markings: N/A
Accessories or Important Belongings: N/A
Personality: Lifeless, Unfogiving, He sees life as a tool to be used or thrown away, he enjoys killing others as he cannot harm himself due to the fact Zaornailissa Has his soul at the moment, he is a rising warlock so he enjoys causing others pain as he cannot himself.
Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Heartless, Dosen't feel remourse, He is mentally insane and uses this to his advantage, He has killed at a younge age, he is also good at getting to be friends with others then killing them. Weaknesses: Not very good at casting, usualy is forbbiden to cast spells by his eredar owner, He is light, and weak at combat.
Hobbies: Collecting the hearts of the living, killing small creatures, learning the ways of the warlock
Character History: At the age 10 Reagrealmer(kaelstos) His father left him in silvermoon, he begin taking an intrest in the arcane at the age of 23, Not being able to find a teacher all he could do is read of the power of magic, he tasted his first dose of fel energies at the age of 24, He begane learning the ways of the magi simple spells and such by 45, lived his life quite normally just like any other elf, Presently, He is enslaved by an eredar master of his, is turning to warlockism, has become a ruthless killer and enjoys collecting hearts as personal gifts to himself, showing that pain will and always come from others misfortune.
Other, miscellaneous information:has a saying " The people you find closest to you, are only there when you do not need them, then when you need them most, they leave you...They,...just Tear your heart out..." He says this when he is about to kill someone.
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