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 Tempis Voidblade

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PostSubject: Tempis Voidblade   Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:33 am

Tempis was a farther, a husband but it all changed when he was recruited under the lich kings armies he learned the way's of the Death Knight but it was difficult because he was no fighter.... After some years he returned to his cottage in Elwynn but only to see that his wife left him and moved on with another man, At that moment every happy,joyfull and loving memory was burned away, his heart filled with despondency and darkness , He was furious and in an instant he slaughtered his wife....The man and even his child. From there on in he would serve under the lich slaughtering everyone that got in his way and it did go like that for many years.... Until one day he grew arrogant of the lich he grew arrogant of the cold planes of northrend, So he commited treason and left the forsaken lands of northrend and now lurks around Azeroth sobbing on the inside........

Personality: He is very aggressive but also very formal, he can indeed be polite but in a blink of an eye he can turn into a blood thirsty barbarian ....

(( Tell me if you like it i kinda winged it :/ ))
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Tempis Voidblade
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