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 Khad'Thenaz (Khad)

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PostSubject: Khad'Thenaz (Khad)   Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:06 am

Name: Khad'Thenaz (Elven Form) Khaztor (Dragon Form)
Last Name: Unknown
Title: (If you have one): The Exiled One
Faction: Alliance/Horde (Depends on guise.... He currently prefers a High Elven disguise)
Race: Dragon
Character Description (As in, eye color, scars, etc.):
Elven form: His eyes are sapphire blue. He always has his chest bandaged as there are some horrible ''wounds'' down there. He has a blonde hair and always wears the same blue robe everywhere. He always uses his tiny purple sword.
Dragon form: His eyes are violet, like every blue dragon of his size. He has very bug wings, although one is more preserved than the other.
Character Background (History, in other words):
As a faithful servant of Malygos, Khaztor erved him from his birth to his maturity. When he grew up, he noticed Malygos wasn't well: The Blue Dragonflight was doing bad things without noticing. He had a female dragon, Thamalan, as a consort, and she believed like him. They said they would comfront Malygos, so they went up to him. He killed Thamalan, and told Khaztor that he could never come back, and that the flight would attack him on sight. That was the first time he used a humanoid disguise. First, he became a troll, for the Horde. After being captured by a goblin slave seller, he was sold to a Forsaken Undead. Khaztor assassinated his owner and escaped, but he couldn't be able to live with the Horde as a murderer. He went to the Alliance to seek refuge, as a High Elf. He never fought in wars. Later, when mosst of the High Elves became Blood Elves, he stayed with the Alliance. Shortly after, he went to Northrend to find a peaceful home. There, he saw Illidan's attempts to kill the Lich King, and the fight against Arthas. He then escaped to Wintergrasp, where he had lived since then, until the Wintergrasp War broke out. Now, he roams the world on his disguise, one more. He plans on founding a town for the other blue dragons that were exiled, and for the Alliance and High Elves

Character Screenshot (Maximume of two):
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Khad'Thenaz (Khad)
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