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 REAL Ricen Mortrius. (Little brother posted one below. >=( )

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PostSubject: REAL Ricen Mortrius. (Little brother posted one below. >=( )   Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:09 pm

Name: Ricen Arthim Mortrius
Race: Human/demon. (Dreadlord)
Class: Necromancer
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'1"
Weight": 215
Eye Color: Black and White. (Not light blue)
Skin: Pale
Voice: Low, Deep.
Hair: Silver

Physical Discription: Has longer teeth and claws, Silver hair and a large black tattoo on his back.

Ellina Whitewind (Mother, Human) -Dead-
Tirithandias (Father, Dreadlord) -Unknown-
Adriux Mortrius (Brother) -Unknown-
Elleen Mortrius (Sister) -Unknown-

Born outside of Stromgarde Ricen and his two siblings were raised on the farm. They worked on the farm until they started growing out unnatural features. Such as Wings, Black eyes, and claws. The guard heard of the children and went to exterminate them, the family ran. Running as fast as the could to Hillsbrad. The childrens mother was shot by the guards at the gate. The guards of the gate from that day were never found. But blood stained the walls at the gate. The corpse of the Mother wasent found. The Three Children Carrying there dead mother's corpse made there way to the mountains of Alteric, where they stayed for years to come. Adriux, The Oldest of the three decided he had to leave the mountain and find a better place for them to stay. He returned years later and took the other two to the Crypt of Karazkan. They stayed for only two months before Adriux found the Dark Portal. The three took flight to the portal. But Ricen was shot down by an ogre magi over Deadwind pass, the ball of fire burning off his entire left wing Before being put out by Ricen. The two siblings were never seen again. Ricen spent his entire life hiding in the crypt, he practiced necromancy to protect himself. Stealing books from various places. He was determined not only to stay alive. But to raise the preserved body of his mother back from the dead.
In Ricen's waking moment on the dawn of the second war. He saw a man executed in Duskwood for having books of warlocks and dark magics. At this moment Ricen decided to built a city for people like him, a city of darkness, The city of Sinistilis. He worked hard to find a place to build his city. To no avail Ricen gave up hope a returned to the crypt....there he looked at his home. The Long tunnels and large rooms....He would build Sinistilis in his very home. To this day Ricen looks for darkness in peoples hearts and seeks to give them safety.
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REAL Ricen Mortrius. (Little brother posted one below. >=( )
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