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 Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.

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PostSubject: Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.   Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:42 am

Update, keeping the former Template though.

    Name.·• Metlen.
    Nicknames.·• Met. Sorrow.
    Age.·•: 32
    Gender.·• Male
    Status.·• Undead.

    height ;;; 6'7: Living. Dead: 6'4
    weight ;;; ~Shrug~
    build ;;; Formerly normal-type, muscular slightly. Currently Undead.
    hair ;;; Brown
    eyes ;;; Emerald Green.
    body art ;;;
    specific features ;;; He seems to be missing a good portion of his chest the few who see beneath his chestplate can note -two- impalements there, mayhaps three.
    clothing style ;;; Formerly Silver-Golden, currently Nightmare Obsidian.
    picture(s) ;;;

    overall physical description +--

    likes``~ Formerly Peace and Tranquility within the Light. Currently hunger for slaughter and eager to learn the ways of the Death Knight despite being for decades a Senior Death Knight
    dislikes``~ Formerly bloodlust, currently Living Creatures.
    strengths``~ He is powerful with a Two-hander sword aswell as a One-hander with a shield.
    weaknesses``~ Innocent-like ways to try to kill him, he is little experienced with a Polearm or a Morningstar
    habits/quirks``~In the name of The Lich King is quirk? Habits -- training in Crossbows / Polearms, or when much younger, teaching his sons.
    fears``~ Formerly, of the picture of himself wielding a flaming..dark, runed blade almost as large as himself. Currently that Ythan will find him.
    dreams``~Formerly -- That somehow his sons would be alive, Currently none.
    goals``~ Formerly, to try with the Rest of the Alliance to reclaim Loraderon. Currently to slaughter every member of The Stormwind Infantry, kill the Priests and Paladins trying to resurrect Lorna, and make Ursoc a better tool for Death Knight.
    secrets``~ Formerly of the vision of himself in the possible future, currently of that he still can remember and feel the pain as he always kills a man, be him innocent or not. He keeps it secret from his Masters, The Liches.

Name: Metlen

Last Name: Varln.

Title (if you have one): The Sorrowbringer, Formerly Knight-Captain

Faction: The Scourge

Race: Undead / Human

Character Description (As in, eye color, scars, etc.):

Formerly, Metlen Varln would only have a large scar, hidden beneath his heavy armor. his eyes where forest green, his son though aswell has forest green like his Father. Metlen's hair was brown-orange and his face was always laughing and yet serious, his voice was a little weak from the so many times in Battle yelling. He is currently thirty-four.

Currently, Metlen's chest is impaled, he wears a giant horned helmet, one horn although is chopped off, due to his form, he was surely re-animated painfully, twin blue energies in his eyes, like every Undead, the twin energies always move about, eying people..his mouth is always stretched in sorrow. As every time he kills an innocent, he brings eternal sorrow, as he -absorbs- their soul, and brings forth eternal suffering to them, and each time, behind the mask, he weeps at what he must do, and moves at the Command of the Lich King, readies his crimson Corrupted Runeblade, and strikes at another..and another..and another..

Character Background (History, in other words): I'll make a "Story" For ya, how about that?..

A Long..time ago..LONG time ago..Knight-Lieutenant Metlen Varln was the leader of a Battalion of men in the honor of his superior who was out in Stormwind doing whatever that slacker was doing..

In that time..a few hours ago, he met a stranger, a cowled man he only knew as "Kolum" He was a Human, obviously, he talked with him..the stranger was weird..and had a sense of great aura..he wasn't sure if he honored him or he feared him..But as they talked, Kolum realized something about Metlen, his name. He exited the Tavern, and Metlen followed, later gathered his battalion, and now was near The Great Arena..on the way to Rebel Camp..

"How much longer?!" yelled a soldier. "Oh, shut your yap, Carrash. We'll be there in a few hours!" Metlen yelled back, half-chuckling, they where actually -days- away from Rebel Camp. A Soldier next to him said. "You have to lie to him? I knew it's only amusing and not serious, but--YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" He shrieked as metlen gasped as he slowly melt to dust along with three others a blink of an eye later, great flames filled his view as he yelled for a retreat -- Only pools of blood, skin and melted bones remained of a dozen of his number. Only seven where left! "Form ranks! No! Scatter! Get away from the flames! -- Urlan! Ready your crossbow-men and---" no, Urlan was dead along with four others, very few where left..He at last eyed the thing.."What..in the name of the Holy Light -- DRAGON!" He screamed for a retreat to scatter, but the great -blue- beast gripped him with a giant claw, he shrieked as blood spilled from his bones! The last sight was as a great storm of blue energies fell upon the survivors..they didn't even have a time to shriek..

"Uuungh..where..am I?" He asked, he was surrounded by five men, well, six if you count a gnome. A Gnome, four male men that wore a Guards' uniform, and a female with the armor of a Marshal. "M-M--who?.." his right arm and right left where cracked, and great scars filled his chest. He groaned.

Later they assisted him, and a few hours later they where near the Venture.Co Factory in Stranglethorn. They chatted little, he talked with the men who he later learned as Goulmore and Klarth, and the Marshal Lorna. Days later, they reached Darkshire to reinforce them, the gnome and Klarth entered the tavern. As they feasted, he told them his tail, of the flames and of something in the skies..'Course he won't tell them it was a Dragon, they'd demote him and put him in a mad-man's house.

Two weeks later, they at last reached Lakeshire, as he settled in the port, he pondered what happened..What happened that caused so much devastation?..

A shriek came from above, a very, very familiar shriek. "Oh no..Goulmore! Whatsyourname! Go! R--" a blink of an eye later, Goulmore and the other crashed to the ground, the entire port vaporized as wood flew in the air, Metlen gone. "Wh--What?!" yelled Goulmore, as he rushed with the other to the Port. "Where..Where is he!"

"Where..What..do you want from me?!" yelled to the great, red-eyed beast, in turn, he roared as great waves of ice poured into metlen, he shrieked as his limbs froze. "Now..You will join thissss order! You will -not-, Never shall I let you become what you became, Fool!" and he blacked out.

"NO!" He yelled as he fell from the bed in the familiar Salty Sailor Tavern in Booty bay, he gasped. And hurried to find Marshal Lorna.

After great events, he at last joined The Stormwind Infantry, and was promoted to Knight-Captain. Their base was hidden south of Alterac, The Shattered Kingdom with training grounds, a mere tower and a home for them to rest while they're still on duty. Aswell to eat.

As they ventured to reinforce again and again villagers, months passed..until one day, he visited southshore, and sent an urgent message to Marshal Lorna. "Ogres are en-massing in Stromgarde. I Believe we should--" he stopped writing, as a Priest came to him, he immediately in respect placed the letter on the mailbox, although, he was a Paladin. He would show respect to any of his brothers. "Greetings, brother." He told the cowled Priest. "Hello, Metlen." He raised an eyebrow, unsure how the Priest knew his name. "Message from your former leader, Marshal Parlick." "Oh, good old PArlick, ofcourse." He eyed the priest, who stayed his position, his head low. He raised an eyebrow, and read the letter.

Greetings, Knight-CAPTAIN! Metlen Varln, it is good to write to you once again, we've just received word from the Argent Dawn.

He raised an eyebrow, surprised, and quickly resumed reading.

We are sad to inform you of fate of your wife and your son---

he barked an unamused laugh. His wife and both sons are -dead-..a tear fell from his eye, followed by five others. The poxy son of a whore didn't even knew his sons and wife where dead..How -dare- he send such a message to him!? He readied to cut the letter, when he read the next word---

That they are alive---

he gasped, and quickly read the letter.

---Well your sons are, your elder son, Sarmnathon is currently a Scarlet Crusader, as high as a rank as you! Your other son, however, is as well a Scarlet Crusader, we found word of him from a fallen Argent Dawner that met the squad of your son, Ythan. We would like you to travel to The Scarlet Monastery, despite they're hostile -- I'm sure both your sons will grant you Entrance.

Your former Commander.

He sighed in relief, but before he could grab the reins and head to Trisfalen Glades, the Priest approached him. "Sir..There's..well, another letter..that sent mere hours later." he gasped, and seized the letter in the Priest's hands.

I am so sad to inform you so quickly, but your son has just been spotted in the Eastern Plaguelands near Light's Hope Chapel with a battalion of men, this was just reported by Sarmnathon, your eldest son that approached us! He asked of you to quickly head to Stratholme, and attempt to assist them, he told them they where ambushed---

he stopped reading, and jumped on the Horse. "Sir!" yelled the priest. "I was commanded to come with you," Metlen sighed. "Good! Then come along!" Days later, they reached near Light's Hope chapel, but headed straight to Stratholme. "Damnit..Where is he!? Come! I hope we are not too late!"

But then..they realised..they where not alone..there where no foot tracks..and from everywhere, behind their three-dozen-men (Handpicked by Metlen himself from the Infantry) gasped as all around them, Crypt Fiends, abominations, Ghouls, zombies -- Came from -everywhere- he raised his Artificial Blade, pure golden at the handle with pure silver at the very edge, it could almost cut anything "FOR AZEROTH!" and they engaged.

((These Screen shots where made to better assist in how this happened))

Written version:

"What--No!" He yelled as he tried to help The Priest, all around him, his soldiers where killing abominations..but all around him, ghouls where slicing throats and cutting guts everywhere..."Uuungh!" yelled the Priest as he was impaled. "NO!" He slashed at four who came at him, they fell in pieces "TELL YOUR MASTERS! HE COULD SEND A THOUSAND!--" His left arm was impaled as he flew in the air, and crashed into another abominations, and sliced his Sword, raising it, and cutting the abomination's head, a Ghoul came at him and bit his leg, he bit his lip, and gutted it in two, then impaled the abomination in two. "AND A THOUSAND MORE I"LL SLAY!" He gasped, weakened, fatigue was arising everywhere..He felt something inside him..something of the Priest, he knew, he gave him much more power, his very essence was now in him, he -must- use it when the time was right!

He slowly could barely lift his sword, and an abomination gripped him! The blade fell from his clumsy hands, and tried to reach for it, but it was too late, he roared in anger, and gripped the abomination's head..who's eyes widened in, how impossible -- Fear --

Holy Energies crashed into the abomination, they both flew into the mountain side, which collapsed and fell over the dozens of Undead, they scattered, confused as the path to the wounded Paladin was closed, he was safe for some time. "It--It is finished." He lay near the Sword..and eyed it..it was no longer there! -- and INCREDIBLE, PAIN came from his chest. "UUuurrkkk?!" He gasped in confusion, and eyed the face so much like his own..

"My..my son?" It was impossible to say if it was Ythan and Sarmnathon..but Ythan was no evil creature..surely it was his jealous elder son..right? "I..was wr-wrong..about...you boy.."

he begun falling to the ground, as he fell with a thud, he said. "You are..nothing..like..me.." and his brain stopped functioning, and his very heart stopped pounding, he lay still. Yet Sarmnathon yelled back.

"I DON"T WANT TO BE YOU! I'll be GREATER Then you ever were! NOW I will be the Man you never thought I would be!" He left the Artificial Sword impaled in his father, and fled.

"Maxwell! So good to see you!" Said Ythan, now with Argent Dawn armor. "Any news of my father?" Maxwell sighed. "No, not since you joined the Argent dawn, son. No news of Metlen." Ythan sighed, and eyed the distance.."Could he...have fallen? He -should- have been here by now! Since Sarmnathon went with his Battalion, Since I sent a message to that Priest to help my father reach my elder brother in time, no news!"..Maxwell sighed. "No, he didn't die..I could feel it." Ythan eyed him.."But..if he's alive..where is he?"

Metlen eyed ,gray-vision filled his view, he knelt in the grave of his Wife. He knew his wife fallen..never has he knew his Sons survived.."My wife, my heart..I need you--" And quickly said, beggining for help. "My thoughts..my emotions..all seem..disconnected..I feel as if my soul has been cast adrift--"

and came a voice in his mind, as if she was saying: "Who do you love?.." "I love you, I have always loved you." And then, skeletal hands reached for his impaled chest, but his sword no longer there. "I COULD NEVER LOVE YOU..LOVE IS NOTHING BUT A CHILDISH FANTASY..." Metlen gasped at the horroful molten face of his wife. "No..No!" She whispered in his ear, as if mind controlling him..he thought the same. "Learn thisss lesson and learn it well, Darling. Hatred and Despair are the only truthssss of existence! I harbor only resstment for you.."

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PostSubject: Re: Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.   Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:08 pm

Nice rp. Also, you can have him hunting down my death knight, since he was once a commander of the scourge and has a good amount of information from Arthas himself (along with others). All in all, gj
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PostSubject: Re: Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.   Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:56 pm

Had to cut:
and then, altogether, he was again at the lake, with his unbreathing recently-born son, Ythan. "Breathe..by the Light, breathe.." The baby let out a yelp, and begun shrieking and crying. "It's a miracle!" The voice of his elder son, yet it felt like Ythan was talking to him, said: "Who do you love?" He answered "I love you, Ythan." And skeletal hands of his wife came and gripped his son. "No! You can't have him! Not Ythan!---" And grabbed by Skeletal hands of scourge warriors, his still-impaled corpse shrieked. "NOT MY SON!!" And in the dream-vision, he yelled to his son behind him. "I..loved you, my son." Sarmnathon yelled inhumanly. "I Hate you! I hate you! And I will kill you again if I could! YOU MADE ME WHAT I AM!" He shrieked in pain. "No..no...NO!"

And roared in agony as two Liches filled his view, "Excellent, my friend, Qarthaku." He said to the more wide-eyed Lich. And then returned to Metlen. "Look closely, my apprentice."

The Lich said in the ear of Metlen, in an enchanted voice. "Further resistance is pointless! Your will is no longer your own! If it is any consolation you fought the change -longer- then any before you!" he gripped the neck of Metlen. "Now tell me, Metlen The--Yes, yes, You felt so much sorrow--Sorrowbringer, who do you love?" Metlen gasped. "I..." He didn't finish before the Lich gripped it harder. "Who do you love?" And Metlen answered. "No one." "Who loves you?" returned the Lich. "No one."

The giant Lich smiled. "Excellent, you are ready to take the next step! Welcome to Naxxramas, I am the Hammer that will forge you, Death Knight..."

He grinned at his apprentice, one of so many. "I am Kel'thuzad..."

Hours later, he stood at the edge of Naxxramas wearing obsidian palate armor, a new Sword made of what seemed bricks, but inside, it was a runeblade of might, worthy of the Sorrowbringer. As he eyed the thousands of Undead moving, he gripped his skeletal gryphon, and hovered above them, roaring challenges as he sealed the pact of Undeath without his own will.

Some time later, he learned of the Young Death Knight, Syrenia, aswell as Ursoc -- He saw much potential in him, so much fury while he was forced to become an Initiate in his training -- and a Necromancer. He was assigned a few Followers as his personal Bodyguards and death Knights. As the time passed, his aching soul was devouring itself..Eating at it again, and again..and again..

A Few ((NAy, many) months later (Yes, OOC Months. This happened at about December), he stood at the Teleportation of Naxxramas, growling angrily at the death knights and sliced a ghoul in two in anger. "WHere is SHE!?" He yelled at his guard, who quickly cowered in fear that he'll slit his throat. He then gripped the community globe and then thrusted his mind into syrenia's. "Where are you?! Why are you not at Naxxramas?!" He yelled in his mind. After a short conversation (That I cannot remember well.) He learned that Syrenia was now a free-willed Death Knight of some order. He would not let her! "I will have you! Since you accepted the link, I have no trouble finding you.." He closed the link and gripped a Death Knight and commanded that he make a Death Gate to Elwynn. A Few minutes later, he stood by the hill eying Syrenia, with what should be as he heard the Silvermoon Ambassador to Stormwind, next to her a tall Elf who no doubt is her guard, he looked like a Paladin. But he wasn't sure if he was or not, who cared? Next to him was a Human clad in frost armor and to her a tiny worm -- A Gnome!

"Hello, Syrenia." He leaped forword, only to have her step back, as they conversed, he learned more and more, and eyed her angrily, he raised his palm, from it escaped Plague Swarm at her, as he instantly sent an Icy Touch, they battled with Plagues and Frost until Syrenia and him begun to grow frustrated. He presumed that she is growing weak, but he felt as a morning's sport indeed. And with a gasp from him, she leaped upon her horse nearby, and charged away to Stormwind. "Oh, no, you shall NOT!" He leaped on his Horse that he dismounted near the hill, and roared after her, but lost her obviously.

He returned to Naxxramas empty handed -- He failed, for the second time in many months, he failed. He shall -not- fail The Lich King, he shall not fail Kel'thuzad -- NEVER he vowed he will return empty-handed, unless he'll return headless!

As the years passed, he sat and did the occasianl killing of an innocent, leading charges towards the Shielded Dome of Dalaran, years passed as his soul was being eaten away, every mercy and humanity shrieking for release..but Ythan or Sarmnathon never came..

"FOR THE SCOURGE!" Atop his Frost Drake in Icecrown, he lead Warriors and Death Knights to dalaran. "You dogs failed me in destroying the Shield fifteen years ago! But today, You won't fail me again!" He was actually setting them into a trap, the Scourge ranks are cold and merciless.

"Go! I will meet you via the tunnels where we will lay our Ambush! Head to the Violet Citadel!" But when they turned their backs, heading like drunken idiots who don't see a vast city of arcane power infront of them, he stayed his position,a few minutes later, he heard shrieks and screams as the Death Knights where being killed by the Magi, satisfied, he returned to Mor'drethar.

"Move it, you worms!" He slashed out his runeblade, despite being a hundred feet above a Geist, it quickly rushed into a sprint, as if he actually hit him with a wipe. And to his right, he saw another Rider, uncomfortable. "You! What is your name?!" After a few moment's conversation he learned the Death Knight's name was Atharian (Right? Atharon, or something). He told him he sensed life energies to the west near Valhalas, but not -inside- quite near the Shadow Vault.

As they neared, they gaped to see dozens of dead Vrykuls all over Valhalas, dead Val'kyr Battle Maidens to the finest Warriors, and to their shock..corpses of -High Elven- mages. "The SIlver Covenant! I knew it!" But then, when they neared the lair of the chief, in hopes to see if he's still alive, trotted down the entrance a Blood Elf. "What?! there are no blood elves in the Silver Covenant! What is this trickery?!" He growled at Atharon for explanation, but received none. After a few moment's combat, Atharon released a Holy Smite at the Blood elf.

The Sorrowbringer immediately raised his hand, a Greater Shadow Bolt escaped his fingertips into Atharon, he screamed as the Shadow bolt hit him dead-on, but then, (Oloros) The Blood Mage sent two Ice Shards at them, Metlen immediately raised his fingertips -- an Icy touch colliding with it, from it escaped dozens of pieces that shattered into the one sent at Atharon, which made it explode as well, raining showers of Icy spikes upon them. "Idiot!" He quickly veered downwards, after a moment's conversation, he sent the Fallen Death Knight (He fell from his mount from the shards) to get Reinforcements, after a long chat, Atharon returned, (Oloros) The Blood Mage excellently distracted, as Atharon returned with vasts amount of Plague Bringers, Zombies, Ghouls and more, as they charged to (Oloros) The Blood Mage.

He quickly raised his fingertips, a large wall of energy colliding into the Ghouls -- Vanishing, ast hey melted to dust. "What trickery is this? How much power does he command?!" Ignoring the powerful Sorcerer, he raised his fingertips. "But not as powerful as myself! You face the Sorrowbringer now, Elf! I hope you made your pathetic prayers!" He leaped at the Wall -- And brought his runeblade slashing down, Energy crackled all around them as the Shield shattered, it sent Atharon almost flying into the sea, he held his position, but Metlen caught -right in it- had no such chance, he flew in the air, crashing into the Bonefire, as the flames licking on his Undeathly form. "IDIOTS! PATHETIC WEAKLINGS COVER ME!" As he opened a Death Gate to icecrown, burning and burning, he leaped inside, careless if Atharos survives, he presumed he will. The coward will surely fail in the assault and will flee in panic, he thought.

A day later, he recovered as his flames where removed, he met a Death Knight named "Thelarion" and, obviously, Atharos. After a long chat, they both seems to hold logic that seems noboddy has -- To make chaos in Wintergrasp.

They begun suiting a plan (I will not reveal it here, Muhahahaha...) that will make The Argent Crusade hate the Horde, which will make the Horde look innocent, blaming the Alliance for trickery, which will make the Argent Crusade unfriendly with them, making a perfect chain of chaos.

As he finished with thelarion the tactics..all is left is to retrieve in an Illusion two Wintergrasp Catapaults, and the end of all Argent Crusade resistence, Alliance, and Horde there will..vanish like dust beneath the angry tornado..

Other: Metlen currently has a commanding voice, and is now trying to find the church or area where Lorna is being ressurected, aswell as hunting down the Traitor Death Knight, Syrenia -- Aswell as that he is searching for Followers to assist him in ravaging this world, "For The Scourge!"

Character Screenshot (Maximume of two):


Thanks, 90% of this RP was ingame, the prologue itself and a few parts where made-up. He is currently though hunting for the Chapel where Lorna is being kept and the last survivor of the Infantry, Klarth. But ICly if you can raise me an idea, he might aswell hunt you down. He's hunting Syrenia (Traitor Death Knight, freed from the Lich King's will) aswell -- Aswell as that half the story was cut in short, the reason he joined the Infantry -- Small details but large outcomes.

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PostSubject: Re: Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.   Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:37 am

Interesting...So what are Metlen & his Sons doing now?
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PostSubject: Re: Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.   Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:36 am

Metlen's son, Sarmnathon is a Scarlet Officer in the Monastery ignoring his father's death, although -- Ythan is doing the exact opposite. He has joined The Argent Dawn and is searching for his Father despite the report by Sarmnathon after he made the excuse that he was "Rescued and his father diead." Ythan is to believe that his father is somewhere out there.

P.S: Updated to WOTLK!
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PostSubject: Re: Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.   

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Metlen The Sorrowbringer's Profile.
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